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    Babymoov Cosydream Smokey Baby Sleep Aid

    • Sleep aid: The Cosydream guarantees your baby is in the ideal position lying on their back: It adapts to their size and provides support for the back
    • Adjustible: Reposition the leg roll thans to the velcro underneath as your baby grows: The leg roll raises your baby's legs and facilitates digestion
    • Prevent flat head syndrome: An anatomical headrest is built into the Cosydream to reduce the risk of flat head syndrome and keep your newborn's head nice and round
    • Softness: To guarantee your baby is completely comfortable, the anatomical headrest is made from very soft jersey fabric whilst the backrest section is micro-breathable
    • Practical: The Cosydream is machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius

    BABYMOOV Lovenest Original Baby Pillow and Head Support, Smokey Grey

    • Created and patented by a French paediatrician to prevent flathead
    • Breathable fabric: Ideal to ensure the good ventilation during baby's sleeping
    • Fits any bed, bouncer, carrycots and pushchairs
    • Can be used from birth to 4 months
    • Available in different colours
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Paediatrician designed baby pillow and head support to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly)

    Babymoov Pop Up Anti UV Tent, Tropical

    • Anti-UV protection 50+
    • Large space (98 x 90 x 85 cm)
    • Pop up system; protects from UV rays (up to 99 percent of UVA and UVB)
    • Protects against up to 99 percent of the harmful uva and uvb
    • Four pegs
    • Lifetime warranty

    Babymoov YOO Moov Motorised Video Baby Monitor

    • Includes 2 USB cables (plugs not supplied): Adapters are replaced by longer USB cables (2.5 m): They are compatible with all 5 V USB plugs, reusable on several devices
    • 360 Degree view: The YOO Moov camera tilts from front to back and right to left and is controlled via the screen (parent unit)
    • Innovative: The motor hidden inside the foot of the camera is very efficient and silent: The camera quietly changes direction: Its movements are smooth, not jerky
    • Large screen: The YOO Moov baby monitor has a 4.3 Inch screen (11 cm): The image quality, screen size and zoom option mean you can see your little one's bedroom in detail
    • Comprehensive: the YOO Moov has a multi-coloured night light, lullabies, a temperature sensor, a Walkie Talkie function and a VOX mode: This video baby monitor has a range of 300 m

    Babymoov Lovenest Plus Fresh Smokey Ergonomic Baby Head Support

    • Prevent flat-head syndrome: Babymoov, in partnership with French paediatrician Dr Maidenberg, has developed an ergonomic head support that keeps baby's head nice and round - the Lovenest(+) Fresh
    • Distinct: With its specific angle of incline, baby's head is positioned centrally the Lovenest(+) Fresh: Pressure is no longer concentrated on the back of the head, reducing flat head syndrome
    • Coolmax technology: Thermoregulating and antibacterial thanks to CoolMax'fiber, the Lovenest(+) Fresh adapts to baby's body temperature for total comfort
    • Wide and cushioned: The Lovenest(+) Fresh can be used from birth and adapts to your baby's growth
    • Safe: The back of the Lovenest(+) Fresh is non-slip: You can choose to use it in a lounger, carrycot, bouncer, car seat or pushchair: What's more, it is machine washable

    Babymoov Babybols MultiSet Baby Food Storage Containers and 3 Spoons

    • Daily use: The ideal baby food storage Multi Set includes BPA-free polypropylene storage containers (3 x 120 ml, 3 x 180 ml, 6 x 250 ml) and three flexible spoons
    • Airtight: Babybols have a screw-on lid to securely store and transport your baby's meal
    • Handy: The markable and erasable area on Babybols lets you label the container
    • Practical: These storage containers can be sterilised and placed in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher

    BABYMOOV Babyni Anti-UV Tent/Playpen/Cot

    • 2-in-1: the babyni is both a play area and a travel cot. at the park, in your garden, or at the beach, your baby has a comfortable place to play or take a nap
    • Uv protection: this play area blocks up to 99% of harmful rays (uva and uvb) with its high-protection upf 50+ fabric. it also provides protection against wind and sand
    • Built-in mosquito net & canopy: the babyni has a retractable canopy and a fold-down fine mesh mosquito net. your child is protected from mosquitoes and all other insects
    • Easy pop-up: the babyni folds and unfolds quickly thanks to its pop-up system. keep it in its carry bag and easily take it everywhere with you
    • Stimulates the baby: this play area has two removable toys. lift the canopy to convert the babyni into a ball pit, for example
    BABYMOOV Babyni Anti-UV Tent/Playpen/Cot

    Babymoov Cosymorpho Smokey Baby Travel Cushion

    • From birth: The Cosymorpho cushion keeps your baby ideally Comfortable in his carrycot, bouncer, swing, stroller or car seat (2, 3 or 5 points harness compatable)
    • Reassurring cocoon: The Cosymorpho guarantees your baby good support in the dorsal position (recommended by health professionals) thanks to its morphological design
    • Optimal comfort: This universal reducer is made of memory foam that prevents any pressure on your baby's back
    • Morphological cushion: The Cosymorpho incorporates a anti-flathead cushion: Your baby keeps a round head
    • Ultra soft: This reducer is soft and micro-breathable which guarantees perfect ventilation of the head, the back and the nape of your baby

    Babymoov Dream Belt, Pregnancy Sleep Support Belt, Medium/X-Large

    • The first pregnancy sleeping belt with foam panels at the side, designed to hug your shape and fill the gap between your tummy and the mattress - giving you a great night's sleep
    • The ergonomic, stretchy, central section in cotton jersey fits perfectly around the bump
    • Mums-to-be can use the Velcro fastening system to easily adjust the Dream Belt depending on their stage of pregnancy
    • A patented design, the Dream Belt has been designed and developed in conjunction with maternity experts: Midwives themselves
    • The Dream Belt has a really practical removable cover which can be machine washed at 40 degrees

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