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    Banbaloo- Rail Bed Bumper for Toddler/Safety Barrier Bed for Babies or Children- Anti-Fall/Anti-Slip Foam Transportablel Rail- Perfect for Double, Pull-Out beds and Montessori.

    • BANBALOO BED BUMPERS- Don't "cage In" Your Little One Like Traditional Metal Bed Rails. They Are Safer and More Comfortable for Your Sleeping Child. 53" of protection lenght, 7,50" narrow width for larger sleeping area, 4,70" height.
    • PASSIVE-SAFETY PROTECTION - Invented in the USA based on the principle of "Passive-Safety Protection," the gentle touch of the bumper subconsciously triggers your child's natural "Passive-Safety" response, letting them know they are close to danger and should move away. Recommended +2 years. It comes in a great little case with a zip
    • WASHING MACHINE FRIENDLY - Nobody wants to waste time with dry cleaning and hand washing, and that's what makes the Banbaloo toddler rails so great! Just toss the covers in the washer and dryer with the rest of your laundry to save time, money, and maybe a few headaches.
    • WATER-RESISTANT & WORRY-FREE - From spilled sippy cups to nighttime accidents, there's a good chance that your child's bed is going to get a little wet! Thankfully, our toddler bed rail covers are water resistant, so they'll stand up to the occasional oops.
    • ULTRA PORTABLE: Travelling with the protector is very practical and convenient and your tot will be able to sleep safely at friends' or parents' houses, in hotels, holiday apartments, camp sites, etc. without having to drag the big heavy traditional fences around with you.

    BANBALOO - Newborn Lounger/Baby Bouncer - Pillow Cushion for Day- Transportable Chair for Newborns and Babies.

    • QUALITY AND DESIGN: The new Newborn Lounger from Banbaloo is manufactured in top-quality foam, with a 100%-cotton cover, in an original, childlike and fun design which makes it look modern and contemporary in virtually any part of the house. Perfect as a gift on the day of birth.
    • COMFORT: The chair's ergonomic shape, with its exclusive fitted middle section for the tot's bottom makes sure that they are completely safe and comfortable whilst awake, which significantly improves on comfort in comparison with the traditional cloth and metal bouncers.
    • SAFETY: It can be used until the infant is able to roll over alone or until they weigh up to 18lb. It has an additional safety feature whereby the kiddy can be secured using two side attachments. There is no risk of them rolling over like with traditional bouncers which have caused all sorts of accidents.
    • PRACTICAL AND WASHABLE: The cushion has a strong fabric handle at the top, meaning we can move it from one place to another conveniently, even with the baby inside. Using a soft-wash setting, we can put the bouncer straight into the washing machine.
    • PORTABLE: It comes in a great tubular-shaped travel bag which allows you to travel with your little chair, to hotels, camp sites, holiday apartments or to visit friends and family, whilst your little one is still able to enjoy their favourite little den.
    BANBALOO - Newborn Lounger/Baby Bouncer - Pillow Cushion for Day- Transportable Chair for Newborns and Babies.

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