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    Barbie FRM19 Careers Care Clinic Ambulance, Play, Role Model, Lights and Sounds, Lots of Accessories Vehicle, Multi-Colour, 0

    • Barbie care clinic vehicle inspires endless storytelling play for young aspiring doctors
    • The playset can be easily transformed from a rolling ambulance to a fully equipped hospital on wheels
    • Features a three-room hospital setting: check-in stand with a swivel chair; waiting room with couch, fish tank and gift shop; exam room with x-ray machine
    • More than 20 additional accessories include medical equipment (such as adjustable bed, doctor's bag, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer)
    • Two casts and a pair of crotches, waiting room magazines and gift shop items like a teddy bear or balloon
    • Collect other Barbie dolls and toys to explore medical professions and more careers because when a girl plays with Barbie
    • She imagines everything she can become

    Barbie GFL82 Dreamtopia Sparkle Mermaid Doll, with Swimming Motion and Underwater Light Shows, Approximately 12 Inch, with Pink-Streaked Blonde Hair

    • Make a splash with Barbie Sparkle Lights Mermaid doll from Barbie Dreamtopia - her tail features magical swimming motion and light-up action making her an ideal gift for young kids
    • Easy activation means kids can repeat the fun over and over again for storytelling surprises and magical effect with this inspiring toy
    • Dip Barbie mermaid doll into water to activate a rainbow light show within her translucent purple tail or push her sides for a variety of light show combinations that add to the surprise and delight
    • Press her sides to start a swimming motion in the tail; it's so realistic, imaginations will dive right into storytelling
    • Includes a Barbie Sparkle Lights Mermaid doll
    • Barbie doll's outfit adds to the magic with a light-catching shimmery pink top and shiny translucent tail; accessorise with the translucent blue tiara for more fairy-tale fun.
    • Dive into storytelling with Barbie Dreamtopia Sparkle Lights Mermaid doll; recreate favourite scenes or make up magical fairy tales and sail away with Chelsea and her big sister Barbie (sold separately, subject to availability)
    • With so much opportunity for creativity and fun, this Barbie Dreamtopia Sparkle Lights Mermaid kids toy makes a great gift for 3 to 7 year olds

    Barbie GFR45 Dreamtopia Royal Ball Princess Doll

    • Barbie princess dolls inspire children's imaginations to dream up a memorable night - her magical look features a glittery rainbow ball gown, princess shoes, pink-streaked hair
    • The gorgeous gown has iconic princess doll touches: the top has a lace-up detail and the shoulders are ruffled, the full skirt features multiple layers of rainbow
    • Children can choose from multiple accessories to add the finishing touches: a pink or purple tiara, a pink or teal statement necklace and a shimmery pink star-tipped wand that barbie doll can really hold
    • This barbie princess doll lets kids add even more colour and fantasy to her look with pink hairstreaks inspired by the rainbow, the shoes are perfect for dancing the night away
    • Includes a barbie dreamtopia royal ball princess doll wearing fashion and shoes, plus two tiaras, two necklaces, a wand and a brush, doll cannot stand alone

    Barbie FJB00 FAMILY Babysitter Brunette Doll with Baby and Accessories, with Pram Playset, Multi-Colour

    • Age: five plus
    • A world of possibilities: Combine this product with barbie dolls and accessories (sold separately) for endless story telling possibilities
    • Play out classic baby sitting moments with a barbie skipper baby sitters inc, playset with a baby sitter doll, a baby doll and accessories themed to a walk
    • The stroller gets imaginations rolling with a bouncing seat: Put the toddler doll in and push to see her bounce as the stroller moves forward
    • The baby doll and kids stay entertained with accessories that include a teddy bear, toy phone and baby bottle the small doll can hold on her hand

    Barbie FBR34 ESTATE Dream Camper Pink Pop Out Caravan for Dolls, Accessories Included, Playset Vehicle

    • Transform the colourful barbie dream camper into a campsite play set with the push of a button - the top pops up
    • The open side becomes a pool with a water slide and stairs that fold out to really make a splash
    • Use the interior to eat or sleep - pull up the two seats from the front cab to create chairs for the table or hook up the hammocks to let two sisters sleep under the stars
    • Two more beds mean barbie doll and all of her sisters can hit the road together (dolls sold separately)
    • The back of the camper holds a closet and bathroom with sink, shower and toilet on one side - on the other, is a kitchen with sink and refrigerator

    Barbie GFP59 Cake Decorating Playset with Blonde Doll, Baking Counter and Toy Icing Pieces, Multicolour

    • Barbie baker doll comes with a sweet playset that lets kids bake, decorate and display cakes using Barbie dough and fun working features
    • The bakery island playset has an oven with a removable mould for two cakes, one big and one small, to create cakes with 1 or 2 layers
    • Kids will love to fill the Barbie playset mould with the included dough (3 colours are included), shape using the dough flattening piece, place in the oven and pull the lever to watch the cakes rise
    • Children can decorate the sides of a layer by placing it on the cake stand and selecting 1 of 3 designs, sliding the lever to bring the stand closer to the stencil and spinning it by hand to imprint the dough
    • Includes a Barbie doll, baker and loads of accessories, kitchen island, cake-rising oven and display case, Barbie dough, cake decorating tool, 3 stencils, cake toppers, dough shaper, pastry bag, register, cake server, place setting and a to-go box
    • A display case, register, place setting and a to-go box are all that young minds need to make up fun pastry and cake scenes
    • This Barbie doll gift idea is ready for kids to serve up fun, wearing a professionally themed outfit with cake-decorated apron. Youngsters can help Barbie stack layers for the perfect creation and top with 1 of 3 sweet cake toppers
    • Great girls toys for kids 4 years to 7 years old, especially young bakers, creatives and dessert lovers; doll cannot stand alone, colours and decorations may vary
    • Kids will love cooking up new stories with Barbie doll and these sweet cake-decorating playsets, because when a child plays with Barbie, they imagines everything they can become

    Barbie FWY29 Helicopter, Pink and Blue, with Spinning Rotor, Multicolored

    • The Barbie helicopter inspires imaginations and allows children to take off and explore the world during playtime with fun Barbie playsets
    • The rotors really spin - just push to start for a Barbie toys adventure
    • The toy helicopter is easy to identify as Barbie's with a bright pink and blue body and silvery colours
    • 2 seats with seatbelts let friends fly together to share the experience. Dolls sold separately, subject to availability
    • Includes a Barbie helicopter (dolls sold separately, subject to availability)
    • With toys inspired by Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, fans can peek into the everyday life of Barbie as she embarks on exciting adventures with her family and friends or make up their own stories as they explore the world
    • This doll playset with lots of Barbie accessories makes a great gift for young explorers and fans of the series, because when children play with Barbie, they imagine everything they can become

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