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    My Pretend Airport - Kids Travel Town & International Airport City Games

    • Grab your luggage, and head over to the Main Terminal where you can shop for gifts, grab snacks, drinks & coffee before your flight!
    • Even includes a lounge, airport check-in and security, airplane and boarding, gate check, and more!
    • Gorgeous graphics and fun sound effects that take you into a real airport with friends and family!

    Ring Pops & Rock Candy Maker - Kids Rainbow Cooking Games FREE

    • Do you love making Rainbow Candy? Do you love the taste of Ring Pops, Pop Rocks, Fruit Gushers, Gummy Candy, Sour Belts, Gummy Sharks & More?
    • Do you love the Fizzy Rock Pop Candy, and eating Rock Candy Lollipops, Making Rainbow Ring Pop Candy & Chocolate Candy Maker Games?
    • Choose from a variety of rainbow flavored candy like Fizzy Pop Rocks, Ring Lollipops, Rock Candy Pops, Gummy Sharks, Gummy Bears & More!
    • Mix the ingredients, dip the sticks into the molds, and pour the delicious hot candy into the mold pan and chill! Then decorate your creation with a medley of toppings, candy, fancy decor, and more!!
    • Great for kids that love chocolate maker games, candy maker rainbow cooking games, and delicious chocolate candy maker & lollipop unicorn games!!

    Main Street Pets Big Vacation - Pretend Games Holiday Dollhouse Fun

    • Over a Dozen Adorable Pets to choose from with over 10 costumes in each one for a total of over 100 characters!
    • Visit the airport, and hop on the jet - pull the lever to take off on the runway to your destination!
    • Tap the airplane Icon to head back to the Airport gate and pick a new destination!
    • Explore Australia, Egypt, France, a Big Theme Park, Japan, Hawaii, and Italy!
    • Tons of Friends to Explore with and so much fun in store!

    Celebrity Frozen Snow Cone Maker

    • Features Tons of Snow Cone Shapes including Owl, Bear, Bunny, Traditional, Double Scoop, Snowman and more!!
    • Features a ton of flavors including Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Lime, Pink Lemonade, Coconut, Blueberry & More!!
    • Features a TON of toppings including chocolates, gummy bears, gummy candy, and more!!
    • Includes Spoons, Straws, Bling, Extra Backgrounds, and many more items to deck out your Snow Cone!
    • Save to the gallery, and endless creative possibilities are at your fingertips!

    My Breakfast Food - Let's Make Oatmeal Kids Cooking Games FREE

    • Do you love cooking games, dessert food maker games, & Chocolate Maker Games? Do you love making Cereal with Milk, Oatmeal in the morning for breakfast and adding tons of yummy toppings?
    • Teaching kids healthy habits from an early age is very important. Oatmeal is full of fiber, nutrients & a great way to eat a balanced breakfast.
    • You can even add chopped fruit like bananas, peaches, apples, raisins, & even splurge on chocolate chips, which also provide benefits in moderation, and have less sugar than most cereals.
    • My Breakfast Food - Let's Make Oatmeal lets you teach kids about how Oatmeal is prepared, & how easy it is to cook up a great tasting, healthy breakfast!
    My Breakfast Food - Let

    Cookies & Ice Cream Dessert Maker - Kids Food Maker Games FREE

    • Cookies & Ice Cream are a great combination on any occasion, including dessert, birthdays & Summer!
    • Make & Bake your Cookies, and Top your Ice Cream Cone with Delicious Frozen Ice Cream Scoops!
    • Cookies, Ice Cream Scoops, and toppings including chocolate, gummy bears, sugary treats, sprinkles, fruit, nuts and more!
    • Gorgeous and Realistic Graphics that make the food look so delicious, you'll want to run to the store and grab some desserts!

    Unicorn Cake Pops - Rainbow Food & Dessert Cooking Games FREE

    • Make Unicorn Cake Pops & Fun Rainbow Unicorn Desserts for Kids!
    • Mix your ingredients, and start baking the cake pops!
    • Then Decorate them with a delicious assortment of toppings, extras and more!! Make your Rainbow Unicorn Cake Pop, then tap to eat your delicious creation!
    • Unicorn Food - Rainbow Cake Pops Kids is fun for everyone, especially those that love cooking games, rainbow food games, and Unicorn Food!

    Main Street Pets Haunted Village - Ghost Town Friends Pretend Play Games

    • Have you ever wanted to visit the Haunted Village of Main Street Pets & Friends? Pay an exclusive visit to some of the friendliest ghosts in town!
    • Create your very own story with Ghosts & Main Street Pets Characters for a whopping total of over 100 characters to use!
    • Step up to the Mansion front gate, and get ready to explore a spooky garden, eerie treehouse, Mansion rooms and more!
    • Use your imagination and creativity and play for hours creating stories with Main Street Pets & Friendly Ghost characters!
    • A family of Ghosts invites you to explore this very exclusive Mansion! They have given you access to all rooms including the mansion kitchen, basement, gardens escape, and more!

    School Lunch Food Maker - Kids Cooking Games FREE

    • School Lunch Food Maker FREE - Popsicles, Breakfast Cereal & School Lunch Food is great for kids of all ages!
    • School Lunch Food Maker includes games like Kids Breakfast Cereal Maker, School Lunch Food Maker, High School Lunch, Donut Maker, and vending machine items like Ice Cream & Ice Popsicles!!
    • Get ALL School Lunch Food Items, and get a Supermarket Free for all of Food at your favorite School Cafeteria!
    • School Lunch Food is great for all ages, and lets you make the food, select it, decorate it, and eat it!

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