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    Clementoni 61793 Action & Reaction Starter Set, Multi-Colour

    • A truly unique science kit for discovering the principles of physics in an easy and fun way!
    • Use the accelerator to shoot the marbles down the track and defy the laws of gravity with the loop-the-loop!
    • The manual will guide you step-by-step through endless fun!
    • Recommended age: + 8 years old.
    • Made in Italy.

    Clementoni 61872 Science Museum Cyber Talk Robot, Multi-Colour

    • For technology fans, this is an incredible scientific kit designed to make a robot with 7 play modes for hours and hours of fun!
    • Download the free app on a smartphone or tablet and programme the robot with block-based programming, entering conditions, actions, cycles and procedures.
    • Record voice messages, change them by applying lots of different effects and sound filters and then transmit them to the robot. You can get him to reproduce them whenever you want!
    • The Robot's microphone is perfect for walkie-talkie games as well and you will be able to chat with your friends from a distance!
    • And with the paper-based programmer there are command sequences to be created using the cards with QR codes which can be read by the app with augmented reality.

    Clementoni- Action & Reaction Master Kit (Portuguese Version) Building Game, Multi-Colour (67628)

    • Portuguese version (click on "See more details" and discover the description of this product in Portuguese)
    • With this amazing scientific box, discovering the principles of physics has never been so exciting.
    • Children can design their own ball circuits to enhance and personalize by incorporating everyday items they will find at home. At the same time, they will discover the principles of gravity, forces and levers.
    • The box contains rails, scales, hammer pendulum and many other pieces to create increasingly complex circuits.
    • The illustrated manual guides players step by step and starts with easy to perform circuits.
    Clementoni- Action & Reaction Master Kit (Portuguese Version) Building Game, Multi-Colour (67628)

    Clementoni 61288 World Cup Winner

    • 2 in 1 multi-function: a football goal and rich activity centre.
    • The whistle's blown and it's loads of fun out on the pitch with this fantastic portable goal net! It is also a fully-featured talking activity centre with 4 multifunctional buttons!
    • The Shoot & Score Goalmaster counts the number of goals scored while teaching your child their first letters, numbers from 1 to 5 and loads of new words!
    • The many mechanical activities will stimulate your child's manual dexterity.
    • The trophy and gears actually turn!
    • Teaches also Spanish.
    • Batteries included.
    • Recommended age: + 18 months.
    • Made in Italy.

    Clementoni 61302 "Explore the World! The Interactive Globe" Toy

    • Interactive talking globe with optical reader pen.
    • Children can discover the world and learn about Continents, Countries, Capital Cities, Surface Areas, Populations, Currencies, Languages, Territories, Time Differences, Interesting Facts.
    • With more than 500 questions divided into 3 different levels of difficulty to test acquired knowledge.
    • Learning will be captivating thanks to the new design, superior audio quality and more than three hours of informative audio contents, interesting facts and music from all around the world.
    • With the new app for a reality experience: when the map of the world is framed with a tablet or smartphone, a lots of interesting facts from every angle of the world can be seen!

    Clementoni 61598 Baby First Doll Clementoni-61598-My

    • This adorable little educational talking doll is made of fabric and perfect for playing and learning in a sweet little dolly world!
    • The 3 interactive buttons on its tummy help your child to learn numbers, shapes, colours, foods, animal sounds and lots of new words.
    • Using the interactive dummy, your child will be able to lull their first doll off to sleep by activating its bedtime game mode.
    • Stimulates emotional development, language skills, visual and aural perception and understanding of the relationship between cause and effect.
    • Available free App with lots of activities specifically designed for children.
    • Batteries included.
    • Recommended age: + 10 months.

    Clementoni-19121-Science and Play-Action and Reaction-Chaos Effect, Multicoloured, 19121

    • An amazing scientific kit to build circuits with amazing effects that never end!
    • Many special pieces and accessories to create endless paths that can also be customised with objects available in the house... to give free rein to fantasy and unleash the chaos effect!
    • Challenge the rules of gravity with the spiral, double the paths with the bibs and create unexpected effects with the hatch, the Tibetan bridge and the guard rail!
    • The illustrated manual guides the child in building circuits to increasing difficulty levels, suggesting many ideas to create the tracks and accompanying him to discover physics.
    • Recommended age: 8 years +
    • Made in Italy.

    Clementoni 59132 Construction Challenge Hydraulic Arm, Multicolour

    • An incredible hydraulic arm you can build to discover the amazing laws of mechanics and technology!
    • With more than 250 components, you can build a hydraulic arm that you can control through a system of pistons and colored liquids, and get to grip, pick up and move objects.
    • Build more than 20 types of hydraulic machines and discover the laws of hydraulics by controlling fantastic constructions that follow your instructions.
    • The detailed instructions guide the child in the constructions and help him understand the basics of technology, physics and mechanics.
    Clementoni 59132 Construction Challenge Hydraulic Arm, Multicolour

    Clementoni 61285 Mechanics Lab Roadster and Dragster Scientific Kit

    • A truly complete scientific kit to discover the secrets of these powerful two and four-wheeled vehicles.
    • 2 dynamic models can be built: a dragster and a roadster, and transmission mechanisms can also be checked.
    • Contains more than 130 interchangeable components including: gearbox, gears, rims, tyres, elastics, bars, brushes, sheaves and pins.
    • In addition to the assembly instructions, a sheet with lots of scientific information on aerodynamics and the mechanics of internal combustion engines.
    • Recommended age: + 8 years.
    • Made in Italy.

    Clementoni 61326 Mechanics Laboratory Aeroplanes and Helicopters Science Kit

    • Discover the secrets of aerodynamics with Mechanics Lab - Aeroplanes and Helicopters!
    • A scientific kit for discovering and experimenting with the mechanics of flight.
    • With 10 models and 200 components to assemble, including: rods for assembling the nacelles, panels, propellers, cogs, pulleys and universal joints.
    • The illustrated manual will show your child how to assemble the various models... for endless hours of fun!

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