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    Creativity for Kids F901819 West Design Junior Selection Fashion Headbands Large Kit, Multi-Color

    • Decorate 10 colourful satin headbands
    • Lots to decorate with such as rhinestones, flowers, feathers, butterflies, metres of ribbon and more
    • A great gift for girls from age 5 years upwards
    • Fun party or sleepover activity
    • Full instructions included

    Creativity for Kids Make Your Own Lip Balm, New Improved Formula & Flavours

    • FLAVORED LIP BALMS: With plenty of lip balm base and three awesome flavors, including Very Cherry, Oh So Citrus, and Mixed Berries, our lip balm kit makes it easy for you to mix up your own fruity flavored lip balm sensations!
    • CUSTOMIZABLE CASES: Add a sense of fun, creativity, and individuality to your lip balm! This kit includes nearly 100 stickers that help you decorate your lip balm containers to match your mood and personality.
    • EASY PORTABILITY: To ensure you can carry your lip balm around with you, weve included an easy to use carrying case that snuggly fits all 5 of the included lip balm containers.
    • SAFE MATERIALS: Paraben and toxin free, our Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit is safe, fun, and easy to use!
    • SPECIFICATIONS: Package includes (1) lip balm base, (3) flavors (berry, cherry, and citrus), (5) containers, (5) mixing cups, over (80) stickers, (1) carrying case, (3) mixing tools, and (1) set of instructions and ideas. For children ages 7 and up.

    Creativity for Kids CFK1093 Children's Craft Kit, Multi

    • MAKES 2 BOOKS: Are you ready to create your own fun, colourful, 3-D pop-up books? Just add your own unique flair and personality, and watch your stories come to life! This kit includes 2 different books that are ready for your artistic style.
    • BENEFICIAL SKILLS: It's important that young children develop necessary skills early in their life. Colouring and designing cool patterns in our pop-up books will help teach children hand-to-eye coordination, planning, preparation, artistic skills, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking.
    • INCLUDES STORY STARTERS: Sometimes you need a little bit of help getting the ball rolling. This kit includes a handful of story ideas that you can develop on with your own individuality!
    • ADD YOUR OWN FLAIR: Want to add your own personalised touch? You can use your own pencils, crayons, and even photographs to decorate your pop-up books. Be sure to ask for adult permission before using any photos!
    • COMPLETE BOOK MAKING KIT: Package includes (2) pop-up books, and an array of self-adhesive accessories, stickers, markers, and wiggly eyes. For ages 5 and up.

    Creativity for Kids F901130 West Design Junior Selection Flower Crowns Creativity Large Kit for Kids, Multi-Color

    • CREATE YOUR OWN FLOWER CROWNS: Transform colourful paper blossoms into 4 beautiful flower crowns.
    • COMPLETE KIT: Everything you need is included! Includes paper roses, berry bunches, ribbon, fabric leaf garland and glitter paint for an extra touch of sparkle.
    • TRY DIFFERENT STYLES: Choose your favourite flower colours to match your outfit or try new design styles with the included illustrated instructions.
    • GREAT GROUP ACTIVITY: Throw a flower crown party! This kit includes enough materials to make 4 unique flower crown headbands.
    • KID TESTED AND SAFE: Since 1976 Creativity for Kids has been creating safe, innovative products that meet or exceed U.S. safety standards as determined by independent laboratory testing.

    Creativity for Kids Sparkling Hair Accessory Set Kit

    • FUN FASHION: This set includes everything a fashionista needs! Design unique headbands and hairclips with trendy ribbons, feathers, rhinestones, bows, gemstones, and sparkle accents.
    • BENEFICIAL SKILLS: It's important that young children develop necessary skills early in their life. Crafting cool headbands helps teach children hand-to-eye coordination, fine motor skills, planning, preparation, artistic skills, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking.
    • DIFFERENT DESIGNS: With 6 different headbands and 4 hairclips to design, you can have more hair fashion accessories than there are days in the week! Design them to match your favourite colours or all of your different moods, and never worry about an incomplete outfit again.
    • ADD YOUR OWN FLAIR: Want to include an accessory that doesn't come with the kit? You can use your own at-home materials, like stickers or sequin flakes, to attach whatever chic additions you want!
    • SPECIFICATIONS: Package includes x3 various bows, x3 various feathers, spring clips, x6 headbands, assorted rhinestones, assorted ribbons and trims, gel cord, felt backers, double sided adhesive, and craft glue. For ages 7 and up.

    Creativity for Kids 6147 Grow and Plant A Pizza Garden Kit

    • DECORATE: Embellish your pizza garden tray with the stickers and coloured stripping supplied.
    • PLANT: Add your basil, tomato, oregano and pepper seeds to your pizza planter and watch them grow. All you need to do is add water.
    • EAT: Enjoy your pizza toppings by adding them to a homemade pizza base. A yummy pizza which you will have created by yourself.
    • COMPLETE KIT: Comes complete with everything you need to grow your delicious pizza toppings including a garden tray, planter, seed packets, scoop and stickers along with garden mister.

    Creativity for Kids F901198 Children's Craft Kit, Multi

    • COMPLETE CRAFT KIT: Perfect for gifting, comes with everything you need to create 6 sparkly 3D butterfly necklaces to wear or share.
    • OVER 80 PIECE KIT: Layer butterfly shapes to create a 3D effect. Kit includes butterfly shapes, dangling charms, 6 necklaces, rhinestones, glue and more.
    • GREAT GROUP ACTIVITY: Butterfly necklaces are great to wear and share. These fashion forward necklaces are a great activity for a slumber party or kids party.
    • UNIQUE TO YOU: Design and decorate your butterfly necklaces to match your mood or your style. Mix and match colours for a funky look or a simple statement piece.
    • CREATIVITY FOR KIDS: See your child embrace their creative side with a craft kit that is not only fun, but builds small motor skills, colour awareness and construction concepts. Recommended for ages 7 to 97.

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