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Last updated: 13 Mar 2020, 13:14
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    Insect Lore Butterfly Garden (Packaging May Vary)

    • Raise Your Very Own Butterflies.
    • Butterfly habitat is a reusable, cylindrical mesh container perfect for up close butterfly viewing
    • Enjoy your butterflies for a few days, and then experience the excitement of letting them go to continue their amazing life cycle
    • Redeem caterpillars with voucher from March - Mid-September
    • Packaging may vary

    Insect Lore Giant Butterfly Garden

    • Experience the Miracle of Metamorphosis up close
    • An unforgettable learning experience for ages 4 and up
    • See the Miracle of Metamorphosis TEN times with the Giant Butterfly Garden
    • Redeem caterpillars with voucher from March - Mid-September

    Living Twig Stick Insect Kit

    • Is it a twig or an insect? Well, both, kind of - it's an insect that looks just like a twig and acts like one too Home too small for a conventional pet? Looking for an unusual pet for your children? Stick Insects are perfect for those with limited space and are something a little different to show your friends when they visit
    • Voucher for 8-10 Stick Insect eggs included, redeemable online (small fee of 2.99 to pay). The eggs may hatch between arrival and up to 2 months later. Average lifespan is 12 months
    • Pop Up 30cm habitat. The mesh net provides an airy home for your stick friends Can be hung, or placed on a table top
    • Includes paintbrush to transfer your newly hatched stick insects and an instruction guide including fun facts about your new pets
    • Ages 4+ Adult Supervision advised

    Cup of Caterpillars (LIVE CATERPILLARS! No voucher to redeem!)

    • Cup of 3-5 Caterpillars and Food only, no voucher to redeem!
    • Butterfly cycle can be 3-5 weeks, please plan for this when ordering
    • Caterpillars are dispatched on the nearest Tuesday or Friday to your order (stock dependant)
    • Next day delivery is not available for this item

    Insect Lore 02610 Toy Figurines, Green

    • Insect Lore's Frog Life Cycle Stages show children how frogs change as they grow
    • These oversized, anatomically correct figures have been realistically sculpted and accurately painted to show the four stages of the Frogs development: Eggs, tadpole, young frog and adult frog
    • Made of durable and flexible plastic, the figurines are a fun and educational tool for the home or classroom. Mix them up and encourage children to place them in the correct order
    • Size range approx. 5 - 7cm. Oversized for little hands
    • Ages 4+


    • Observe the Butterfly Metamorphosis in your home or classroom!
    • Enjoy this giant-sized version of our ever so popular Live Butterfly Garden.
    • Children and adults alike will be transfixed by the transformation of 10 caterpillars into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies!
    • Watch the amazing changes, then release your adult butterflies into the wild!
    • Includes a 45cm high, collapsible and reusable habitat, certificate for 10 caterpillars with food. Please note there is a £3.99 P&P charge when redeeming the certificate

    Butterfly Garden Kit Refill Voucher (prepaid)

    • Use your Butterfly Garden / Breeding Kit again and again by ordering a NEW Refill Voucher - just like it originally came with.
    • Complete the voucher online and receive 5 small painted lady caterpillars with nothing extra to pay - ideal gift.
    • Caterpillars are avaiable from mid March to September and once they arrive, watch the caterpillars grow, pupate and emerge as butterflies before releasing them into the garden
    • This listing is for a Refill VOUCHER. We send you the VOUCHER and then when you are ready (between mid March and September) the Refill voucher can then be redeemed online FOC for caterpillars and food.
    • Great for children of all ages. Voucher is available all year round. Caterpillars are available from Mid April to Mid September

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