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    The following products are available from 'LiBii':

    Tina's Diary-Spring Outing

    • - Indulge yourself in the romance of spring
    • - Surround yourself with fun-loving friends
    • - Tons of fine cosmetics and clothes are well prepared
    • - Cool items will totally blow your mind away
    • - Take a picture and freeze the fond moment

    Fashion Fantasy

    • Kick off a fashion adventure
    • Compete with your friends
    • Fun community
    • Collect fabulous outfit

    MakeUp Me

    • - A pretty girl is ready for your design
    • - Hair style, eyeliner, lip gloss and many other girl things you can do here
    • - Hundreds of items are offered for your free combination
    • - A set of makeover steps in real life is represented
    • - Shinning rhinestones and ingenious tattoos are prepared specially for you
    • - A new Weekly Award is waiting for your creative works
    • - Continued improvements of this game, please feel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestions

    It Girl - Fashion Celebrity & Dress Up Game

    • - Fun-filled functions hiding in the game
    • Texting, blogging, appearance change...more activities await you here
    • - Custom the look from the face to skin tone
    • Everyone is born special, from the outer appearance to the inner heart
    • - 7 different scenes where fashion meets talent
    • Use your inspiration and create a look that matches the theme of the party at the specific scene
    • - Win the competition to gain more fans
    • After the competition, the winner will earn herself a higher ranking and a number of fans.

    Makeup Me: Christmas

    • - Tons of Christmas-themed cosmetics are available
    • - Brand-new face paints present a new appearance
    • - Quantities of lipstick patterns await you
    • - Challenge the best designs every week

    Make-Up Me: Superstar

    • Features:
    • - Unusual fashion style builds the superstar
    • - Tons of cosmetics and accessories are free to choose
    • - The cool eye shadows set the face off to advantage
    • - Sign on the photo to make it exclusive
    • - Challenge the best designs every week

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