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    Marabu Textil Screen Printing Set

    • USE - With this kit you can create unlimited design possibilities of fabric screen printing. Textil Print is especially developed for relief and screen printing on to textiles. Printing of textile fabric is complex because it requires special paints and forms of treatment.
    • IDEAL - Create textile designs yourself and put your own stamp on it, that's fun and trendy. Marabu Textil Print is developed for the individual design of clothing, textile accessories and home décor textiles.
    • SIMPLE - It is easy to use and getting into a new artistic medium has never been so easy! This screen printing set opens up completely new application possibilities.
    • SUITABLE - This set is amazing for beginners or experts. A how-to brochure is included to help guide you through the process.
    • CONTENTS - This set contains everything you need to get started with your screen printing creations including; 1 x bottle of Textil Printing Ink, 1 x screen, 1 x squeegee, 1 x painting knife and a how-to brochure.

    Marabu Porcelain Paint Assortment, 15 ml

    • High gloss brilliant water based porcelain and ceramic paint for painting on porcelain and other ceramics
    • Wonderfully combined with marabu porcelain painter self-adhesive, marabou relief paste, marabou marabou mini stencils and templates
    • Water based, odorless and lightfast
    • Dishwasher safe colour
    • No baking required

    Marabu Easy Marble Paint Assortment

    • Using this ideal marbling paint, beautiful marble effects can be achieved on many different substrates
    • The paint is organic solvent based and is touch-dry after about 15 minutes
    • Decorated objects are not washable and not wash-resistant
    • Set contains an assortment of colours
    • High quality inks

    Marabu 073 1-2 mm Porcelain Painter, Black

    • Dishwasher-safe after curing (max. 50°C)
    • 4 hours drying, curing with 160°C/30min
    • Water-based, odourless, light-fast
    • Different paint tips: calligraphy, brush, fineliner and multi-purpose tip
    • Highly pigmented ink

    Marabu Glas Art Paint Assortment - Carmine Red, Light Green, Yellow, Dark Ultramarine, Black Relief Paste and Brush

    • Glasart is a high gloss, transparent, solvent based glass paint
    • For decorative painting on glass, acrylic, mirrors, porcelain, ceramic, metal films etc
    • The intense, bright colour shades have a good flow and are exceptionally fading resistant and intermixable
    • Once completely dry it can be wiped with a damp cloth
    • Not dishwasher safe

    Marabu Porcelain and Glas Painter Assortment - Basic

    • Water-based, odourless and light-fast
    • Dishwasher-safe by oven fixing (up to max. 50 °C)
    • Multi-purpose tip 1-2 mm for painting and writing

    Marabu Relief Paste 20ml - 070 White

    • GREAT - Add impressive highlights, delicate designs and lettering
    • GOOD FLOW - Even application can be achieved by applying light pressure on the tube, for a spectacular finish
    • DISHWASHER-SAFE - 3 days' drying time (max. 50 °C)
    • VERSATILE - Use on glass and porcelain, also suitable for stencilling
    • WATER-BASED - Odourless and non-fading

    Marabu Fashion Spray Set - Tropical Island

    • IDEAL - Suitable for freehand spraying, stencilling and many other techniques
    • WATER-BASED - Odourless, non-fading textile paint that is soft to the touch
    • APPLICATION - Suitable for light-coloured textiles with up to 20% man-made fibres
    • WASHABLE - After fixing, textiles are washing machine resistant up to 40 degrees
    • RANGE - Other themed Marabu Fashion Spray sets are available

    Marabu 150 ml Textile Fabric Spray Paint Can, Metal, Cherry Red, 5.8 x 5.8 x 15.7 cm

    • VERSATILE - This acrylic-based spray can be used on many fabrics, even those of a high synthetic fibre content such as banners or outdoor material
    • WASHABLE - Completed decorations can be washed once they are dry, either manually or on a gentle cycle up to 30 °C, and inside out. This spray paint is not suitable to be used on everyday clothing.
    • RANGE - A striking assortment of 16 colours is available, including chalkboard, effect sprays, neon and sparkling metallic, along with the classic and satin-finish
    • IDEAL - This paint is great for adding a bold splash of colour

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