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    TALINU Colourful pram Chain/Baby Play Chain/pram Chain/Stroller Toy 24 Pieces

    • PREMIUM QUALITY: The talinu pram chain consists of, 24 colourful pieces made from high quality plastics for long-term use
    • FREE of BPA: The pram chain by talinu is free of the harmful BPA
    • GRIP - & TOUCH TRAINING: The pram chain by talinu trains the baby's sense of touch and grip and may even help to ease the pain, when the baby is teething
    • VARIETY OF COLOURS: The 24 elements of the pram chain consist of different

    talinu Luminous stars/luminous points for creating the night sky in a child´s bedroom

    • THE BEAUTIFUL STARRY SKY- 368 Stickers consisting of stars and points (excludes moon). For a child´s bedroom, or even as decoration in an adult bedroom.
    • PROVIDE PRACTICAL ORIENTATION- Affixed to the floor or light switches, the luminous points can provide practical orientation in the dark.
    • DELIVERY INCLUDES - 3 sheets of fluorescent, self-adhesive stars and points, in varying sizes
    • LUMINOUS POINTS - 98 Points - 0.8cm, 96 Points - 1.5cm, 4 Points - 3c , 104 Points - 1.1cm.
    • ILLUMINATED STARS- 48 Stars - 1.5cm, 18 Stars - 1.8cm.
    talinu Luminous stars/luminous points for creating the night sky in a child´s bedroom

    TALINU Baby Swaddle Bag Made of 100% Cotton Jersey, with Velcro Fastener, Size Large: 4-6 Months, wrap Blanket, Swaddle Cloth

    • ❣ Sense of comfort: The puck cloth makes the baby fall asleep faster. The babies feel like in the womb, very safe and protected.
    • ❣ Suitable for crier babies: During the first few months, newborns often twitch in their sleep, causing them to scare, wake up and scream. The swaddle wrap prevents this fright reflex, so your baby can sleep easier and longer.
    • ❣ 100% Cotton Jersey: Made of 100% cotton jersey the swaddle wraps the baby softly and pleasantly. The natural cotton automatically regulates the temperature, so your baby won't sweat or freeze.
    • ❣ Easy handling: Infinitely variable adjustment with Velcro fasteners, uncomplicated wrapping technique.
    • ❣ Available in two sizes: The 3-piece set is available in size LARGE: For 4 - 6 month old babies
    TALINU Baby Swaddle Bag Made of 100% Cotton Jersey, with Velcro Fastener, Size Large: 4-6 Months, wrap Blanket, Swaddle Cloth

    TALINU Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers, set of 277, extra strong luminosity, self adhesive - wall and ceiling dots, starry night constellation, long lasting glowing wall deco for kids, teens bedroom, star light effect stickers

    • ✯✯ SPECTACULAR VIEWS ✯✯ The 368 illuminating dots transform any room´s ceiling into a breath-taking starry night sky. Whether for a child or an adult, stars create the perfect atmosphere in every bedroom and seem to be a perfect gift.

    • ✯✯ STRONG LUMINOSITY MADE IN GERMANY ✯✯ Look to the stars every night before falling asleep with talinu. The special designed PVC covering needs to be activated once for about 20min. After this it can be recharged by electric lights whenever needed. Look to the stars every night before falling asleep with talinu.

    • ✯✯ SIMPLE APPLICATION ✯✯ The glowing sticker dots easily peel off the carrier film and are self-adhesive, sticking to most surfaces including; glass, wood, wallpaper and stone. Simply activate, peel off, and stick!

    TALINU Car Windscreen Protective Sun-Shades Set of 2 for babies and children with easy to use suction clips and handy storage bag | 2 Year Satisfaction Guarantee | double pack of sun protection side window mesh shields for infants and adults, 2pc window shade sun blockers easy to remove, side-window sun shade blocks UV rays, 2 pack sun blinds for auto vehicle

    • ✯✯ DOUBLE PACK (44 x 36 cm)

      ✯✯ The practical sunshields from talinu, effectively shade passengers in the back while at the same time allowing the driver sufficient visibility when reversing and looking over their shoulder. Measuring 44 x 36 cm the mesh shades fit most side windscreens, offering maximum sun protection for children and adults.


      ✯✯ Whenever you don't need the sun visors you can easily remove and keep them safe in the handy transport case which is included in the delivery.


      ✯✯ The clever suction holders keep the sunblind securely in place and can easy be removed with no residue left on your cars window. Even if the sun protective shields have been stored away during the winter it has no effect on their sun blocking and sticking performance. They can be taken off, reapplied and moved around and still hold as good as the first time- making talinu´s Sun blockers perfect for taking on sun holidays!

    TALINU Wrap Carrier Adjustable Breastfeeding Cover Cotton Sling Baby Carrier for Infants up to 33 lbs/15kg, Soft and Comfortable (Dark Gray)


      The talinu baby carrier sling is sturdy and elastic at the same time thanks to the bi-elastic knitting fabric. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the baby carrier sling is not only characterized by stability but also comfort.
    • ✯✯ EASY USE ✯✯

      With the easy to learn binding technique, the baby carrier sling is suitable for beginners and advanced persons. It can be stored in minimal space and comfortably transported in the provided practical storage bag.
    • ✯✯ BREATHABLE ✯✯

      The sling can convince with a high breathability due to the high-quality materials.

    TALINU Blue Swaddle Blanket/Baby Sleeping Bag/Swaddle Cloth 100% Cotton with a Handy Velcro - Design 'Airplanes' - for Newborns |1-3 Months Old, 3-6 kg | 2-Year Satisfaction Guarantee

    • ✯✯ VELCRO ✯✯ The swaddling blanket by talinu provides easy handling and a secure fit, because of the practical Velcro. It is suited for newborns from 1 to 3 months age and 3 - 6 kg bodyweight. It is made from 100% soft cotton. The lightweight fabric prevents heat buildup and makes this swaddle blanket ideal for the warm summer months.

    • ✯✯ RECOMMENDED BY MIDWIVES ✯✯ Midwives are recommending the talinu swaddling blanket especially for restless baby's.

    • ✯✯ FREE CHOICE OF DESIGN ✯✯ The talinu swaddling blanket is available in 2 different designs - airplanes for boys and the princess design for girls.

    TALINU Wall Stickers Tree with Leaves and Animals - Wall Sticker, Wall Decals, Wall Stickers for bedrooms, Wall Decoration Nursery - for Smooth, Clean and Dry Surfaces

    • ✯✯ DECORATIVE AND INDIVIDUAL DESIGN ✯d The cute animal wall stickers are a one-of-a-kind and individual decorative element, for any nursery or children's bedroom. They are ideally suitable for smooth, clean and dry surfaces (walls, ceilings, doors, mirrors, windows, cupboards, metal and tiles).

    • ✯✯ HANDY MATERIAL ✯✯ The generous wall tattoo set comes on 2 sheets (each 90 x 30 cm), and consists of PVC (sticks reliably and may be removed without any residues).

    • ✯✯ EASY TO MOUNT ✯✯ Remove the individual wall decals (e.g. tree with individual leaves and animals) from the sheets and stick them to the desired surface. The numbering helps you to place stem and branches accordingly (see pictures). Animals and leaves may be placed randomly at your likes.

    TALINU Nasal Aspirator with Pump Ball for Babies and Small Children - Including Pipette with Additional Tube Attachment

    • ✯✯ PERFECT COMPANION✯✯ With this innovative Nasal Aspirator from talinu your baby can sleep and eat peacefully again. It allows you to gently remove nasal secretions from baby´s nose. The soft silicone attachments ensure that your baby´s skin is neither irritated nor injured.

    • ✯✯ HANDY SIZE✯✯ Thanks to its practical size, it can fit easily into any bag, making it ideal when you are out and about. Additionally, the Nasal Aspirator is delivered along with a practical storage box.

    • ✯✯ 2 IN 1✯✯ The talinu Nasal Aspirator can be operated either with a pumping action or sucking method. Two separate attachments are delivered for this purpose. Included in the delivers is also a practical pipette, with which you can gently administer your child nose drops etc.

    • ✯✯ WITHOUT FILTER AND HYGIENIC✯✯ The talinu Nasal Aspirator operates completely without filter - and therefore endlessly adaptable, without the need to purchase replacement filters. The Nasal Aspirator can be completely disassembled, making it quick and easy to clean.

    • ✯✯ RECCOMENDED BY DOCTORS ✯✯ The Nasal Aspirator is recommended by Paediatricians and Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists. The silicone tip of the Nasal Aspirator prevents injury to your child or baby´s sensitive nasal mucus membranes.

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