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    Take Apart Toy Racing Car - Construction Toy Kit For Kids - Build Your Own Car Kit Updated Version 3 - Exclusive To Think Gizmos

    • UPDATED VERSION 3: Exclusive to Think Gizmos, unlike any other similar model on Amazon Version 3 has easy access to the on/off switch of the motor. This is a truly awesome, super fun construction toy for kids (boys and girls!)
    • TAKE APART FUN: Brilliant take apart toy car set includes everything needed to enjoy the toy in the box (Even all batteries!): Engine battery, toy drill battery, 30 parts. Some of the pieces can be used to modify the look of your racing car... Cool!
    • REALISTIC LIGHTS & SOUNDS: When the engine is turned on, the take apart toy car gives off realistic sounds and lights. It's the perfect construction toy Birthday or Christmas gift for any child over 3 years old (aimed at 3-7 year boys and girls).
    • LEARN & PLAY: This kids construction STEM toy set can help improve cognitive and fine motor skills whilst playing. The fantastic buildable take apart toy comes in a superb looking box with user manual included in the following languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian).
    • BUILT TO LAST: As a quality ThinkGizmos branded build your own kit STEM toy the Take Apart Car is made from strong and safe ABS Plastic and the toy is protected by international trademarks. Racing car size: 19cm x 9cm x 6cm. One of the most fun construction toys. Comes with tools (Drill)

    Think Gizmos Build Your Own Robot Toys For Kids - Ingenious Machines Remote Control Robot Building Kit (Crane, Forklift, Bulldozer & Truck)

    • This Construction Crew Vehicle Building Kit includes a massive 240 pieces that can be used to build 4 different construction vehicles. These include a crane, Forklift Truck, Bulldozer and Dump Truck. One of the best toys for boys aged 6, 7, 8, 9.
    • This kids robotic kit included manual has easy to follow visual steps for making each different robotic vehicle and will keep children entertained for hours as they build, take apart and drive round their creations.
    • Not only will they look cool once built, the Construction Crew Vehicles can also be driven like a real RC Toy with the included motors and remote control bringing the vehicles to life. Kids love it as they see their creation come to life!
    • Once each model has been built and mastered that's where the real fun begins as children start to use the included pieces to create their own awesome robotic vehicles, the possibilities are endless.
    • As well as providing hours of fun and enjoyment the Ingenious Machines Construction Crew Kit can also help with improving skills. Such as improving hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, dexterity and problem solving making this one of the best toys for boys.

    Think Gizmos TG637 TG637-Bump 'n Eject Bumper Cars-Remote Control Toy Game for Kids by ThinkGizmos (Trademark Protected), Black

    • This set of 2 futuristic remote control bumper cars with controllers is so much fun for all the family. Battle it out to see who is the ultimate bumper car driver! ALL REQUIRED BATTERIES ARE INCLUDED.
    • This fun remote control toy game comes with everything required in the pack so you do not need to buy additional batteries. Just grab a remote and get ready to rumble.
    • Interactive head to head fun. If you hit your opponent's bumper car on it's side it will eject his driver and you win! Each car is about 6" long.
    • Fun, safe (Non-Toxic Recyclable ABS Plastic), detailed bumper car toy set for kids Aged 6 years+. This is a quality ThinkGizmos branded toy protected by UK trademarks.
    • This remote control bumper car set comes in a well-designed box with user manual included in these languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish)

    Think Gizmos Interactive Talking World Map for Kids TG661 - Push, Learn and Discover over 1000 facts about our World - Ideal Interactive Learning Toy Gift For Boys & Girls Aged 5,6,7,8,9,10

    • Have fun whilst learning. Learn facts about 92 different Countries, including population, languages, flags and famous landmarks. Awesome learning toy gift for boys and girls.
    • Fun bright design to keep kids interested. The Map can also be wall mounted perfect for a play room or bedroom to save space.
    • Includes over 1000 amazing facts about different countries of the world. Test your knowledge with the super fun quiz mode.
    • Requires 3xAAA Batteries (included) and features on/off switch, auto switch off and volume control.
    • The super entertaining interactive map for kids can provide hours of entertainment.

    Think Gizmos Take Apart 7 in 1 Construction Set Toy Kit for Boys and Girls - Build your own construction vehicles with lights and sounds - 7 models to make with included electronic drill - TG803

    • 🚧 7 CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES IN 1: Using the parts and tools provided 7 different construction vehicles can be made, providing the ideal vehicle any child requires for their latest construction project. Some of the vehicles include a Bulldozer, Drill, Dump Truck and more.
    • 🚧 PROVIDES HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT: Children will love being able to create the vehicle they require for the construction projects they dream up. Take apart and rebuild the vehicles over and over again for hours of fun and enjoyment. It's the perfect construction toy gift for any child over 3 years old (aimed at 3-7 year boys and girls)
    • 🚧 ADDED LIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Unlike other similar sets this Toy Construction Vehicle Set from Think Gizmos includes an extra part which adds construction lights and sounds to the vehicles. Also provided is a battery powered screwdriver perfect for children who love construction and building toys.
    • 🚧 IMPROVE CHILD DEVELOPMENT: Whilst making the construction vehicles using the tools and screw, children can improve fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination, dexterity and problem solving. All without realising they are learning and having great fun.
    • 🚧 NO EXTRAS REQUIRED: As a Think Gizmos branded product all parts and batteries are included in the box, kids can open the box and start playing straight away. The toy is made from strong, safe and non-toxic ABS Plastic and makes the ideal toy for all children.
    Think Gizmos Take Apart 7 in 1 Construction Set Toy Kit for Boys and Girls - Build your own construction vehicles with lights and sounds - 7 models to make with included electronic drill - TG803

    Think Gizmos Take Apart Toys Range - Build Your Own Toy Kit for boys and Girls aged 3 4 5 6 7 8 (Cement Mixer)

    • Awesome fun take apart toy cement mixer truck from the ThinkGizmos toddler toys Series. One of the most fun building toys for boys & girls as it can also move around after it is constructed.
    • Everything needed for girls and boys to enjoy this amazing Cement Mixer are included in the box; 38 Truck Parts, a working drill with interchangeable drill bits and all batteries.
    • Easy to use 2 in 1 drill/motor included. Once the building toy is constructed, remove the top part of the drill and connect it to the Cement Mixer to power the truck and watch it move forward.
    • This is one of the best toddler toys for boys & girls aged 3, 4, 5, 6 as it can help improve hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and cognitive skills. It is the ideal toy for boys & girls aged 3+.
    • This is a quality ThinkGizmos branded toddler toy, protected by international trademarks. Comes in an awesome box with user manual included in the following languages (English, German, French, Italian and Spanish).

    Think Gizmos Build Your Own Robot Toys For Kids - Ingenious Machines Remote Control Robot Building Kit (Fire Engine, Train, Duck & Skier)

    • Kids love this 4 in 1 robot kit. Nurture your child's creativity with this awesome robotic building set for kids that includes a remote control to bring their construction to life. Superb fun 170 part build your own remote control car that gives any child a huge sense of achievement. ALL REQUIRED BATTERIES INCLUDED.
    • This take apart robot toy set included a user manual; easy to follow instructions with diagrams of how to make the 4 robots... Fire truck, Train Robot, Duck Robot, Skier Robot.
    • Each build your own robotic model takes from 30 minutes to approximately 2 hours to build. After gaining experience kids can take apart the initial models and try to build their own machines. This robot kit is the perfect gift for kids to have fun and improve their mind.
    • All parts are made from non-toxic, safe materials: Certified for the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and HR4040. One of the best remote control building kits for kids.
    • This build your own toy robot kit improves the patience and cognitive skills of any child, all while they are having fun. One of the best robot kits for kids on the market.

    Think Gizmos Speed Master Off Road Toy Remote Control Car for Kids (Green Speed Master)

    • The Speed Master Off Road Remote Control Car from Think Gizmos is perfect for indoor and outdoor use (as long as it is dry) and a brilliant toy for both children and adults. Recommended for kids over 6 years old, this is an awesome gift for boys and girls aged 6 7 8 9 or 10 + years.
    • As the Off-Road Car runs on the 2.4ghz frequency multiple remote control cars can run at the same time creating the opportunity for great off-road races. Being 2.4ghz this also provides extra range on the controller.
    • Features of the Speed Master Car include cool oversized tyres for awesome off-road driving, a top speed of 12km/h and 1/14 size scale.
    • With the 1.14 scale the Off Road Car measures 28cm long and 18cm high which will put smaller RC cars to shame.
    • Unlike other Remote Control Cars For Kids, Think Gizmos provide all the parts needed to enjoy the Speed Master Off Road Car in the box. This includes all batteries, remotes and instructions.

    Think Gizmos Take Apart Toy For Boys & Girls TG652 - Bump and Go Construction Truck With 4 Model Options (Bulldozer, Dump Truck, Excavator, Cement Mixer) With Electric Drill - Toys For Toddlers

    • This awesome take apart toy for boys and girls can be made into 4 different models using the included tools. Models include Dump Truck, Excavator, Bulldozer and Cement mixer. So much fun it is the perfect gift for any toddler.
    • When switched on lights on the wheels will flash and music will play whilst it drives around, with its bump and go feature if it happens to crash it will turn to face a different direction and drive on.
    • All the tools needed to take enjoy this great toy are in the box, including an electric drill with different attachments and a screwdriver. All batteries and parts included in the box. The drill uses 2xAAA and the Truck uses 3x AA.
    • Can be used as a standard toy car can when power is switched off as the bump and go wheels raise out of the way. One of the best toys for toddlers as not only is it fun but it will improve their concentration and hand eye coordination.
    • Being a quality ThinkGizmos branded product, the 4 in 1 Take Apart Construction Truck comes in an awesome box with a fully translated manual in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. It is also protected by international trademarks.

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