Last updated: 09 Mar 2020, 09:04
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    Trend E/SCRIBE Easy scribe Scribing Tool - Black

    • Whether to scribe worktops and end panels to walls, shelves to alcoves, skirtings and plinths to floors, fitting tiles or a multitude of other applications, if there's a gap that needs scribing, the fast, single handed adjustment of the EasyScribe makes it a doddle to achieve.
    • Using a built in and replaceable 0.7mm thick 2H Grade flat lead, it leaves a fine line that is easy to follow to leave a perfect fit and with the extendable steel guide plate it stays parallel to the scribing surface for increased accuracy.
    • The steel guide can also extend up to 50mm, allowing it to project beyond the lead and into narrow gaps to gain the perfect fit; ideal for fitting doors to linings and frames where a fine parallel gap is needed.
    • Not just for scribing, the wide guide plate also allows the EasyScribe to track against an edge to strike consistent parallel lines, ideal for gauge work where a specific backset is needed such as an architrave quirk, or to set a hinge leaf thickness on a door or frame.
    • Supplied with 3 spare leads, and additional leads readily available, with its host of uses, the EasyScribe is the marking out aid that will soon become an important and essential part of any toolkit.

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