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Koh-I-Noor S128 -Tailer's Chalks- 2 Variations

  • With a holder made from break-resistant plastic and which has ridged grip area for optimum hold.
  • Chalk thickness: 3.8 mm; works like a pen to keep your hands clean
  • It is quick and easy to replace the chalk; marks can easily be brushed or Rinsed off; includes a practical storage box for the chalks
  • Pin Length: Approx. 12 cm; Pen approx. 1.3 cm; Chalk 3.8 mm; includes 7 chalks
  • The following chalk colours are included: 1x Green, 1x Purple, 1x Red, 1x Blue, 1x Yellow, 1 x White
£5.94 £4.94
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KOH-I-Noor Tailor's Chalk Pen Marking Fabric + 6 Spare Chalks Assorted Colour Set, Pencil Marker Holder for Tailors and 1 Sticky Notes Multicolour by intervisio

  • The KOH I NOOR chalk marker is a very convenient little helper tool for costume fittings or for clothes making.
  • The chalk can mark very different materials and allows you to carry out exact point markings. It is perfect for writing, marking and highlighting on many materials like textiles, paper, wood and plastic. The set is used for drawing on fabric, particularly by tailors or for hobby purposes.
  • The comfortable pen holder leaves your hands clean and is much easier to work with than with the usual tailor's chalk. Through washing or brushing the chalk can be removed easily from fabrics. 6 spare chalks in white, yellow, ink, blue, green, and violet colour.
  • intervisio Sticky Notes, 5 blocks, 24 sheets / block, each block have 14 x 48mm;
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE offered by intervisio! If you aren't 100% satisfied with your order just send it back for a full refund!
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Sharplace 4 Pieces 1mm Vanishing Fabric Markers Air Erasable Pen/Water Soluble Pens for Fabric Cloth

  • Erasable Fabric Pen gives you precise smooth lines, which disappear like magic over air;
  • The ink will disappear within 2-10 days from most fabrics;
  • The ink marking can be immediately erased with water;
  • Perfect for marking your fabric for sizing or altering etc;
  • Always test on a scrap fabric first before marking your work.
£5.38 £2.99
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Kleiber Tailor's Chalk Triangles, Pack of 10

  • Pack of 10 Tailors Chalks
  • White Colour
  • Triangular form clay-based chalk markers
  • High Quality
  • Professional Product
£5.99 £4.82
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Korbond Water Erasable Marker, Blue Ink

  • With over 60 years of trading, Korbond is the UK's No. 1 trusted brand of sewing, crafting & clothes care tools and accessories
  • Korbond Water Erasable Marker is the perfect tool for marking designs onto fabrics. Any markings vanish with a drop of water or steam
  • An excellent alternative to traditional tailor's chalk, the water erasable marker is mess free and leaves no visible marking after removal process
  • A must have for any sewing basket, the Korbond Water Erasable Marker is useful for all craft tasks, with markings remaining clear until wiped away. The blue ink shows clearly on most fabric designs, allowing you to cut precisely
  • Our products are individually tailored to uphold our performance and quality standards, delivering a consistently reliable product that exceeds our customer's expectations
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First available:23/07/2014

Threaders Erasable Fabric Sewing Marker Pens, Multi, Pack of 3, 197 x 7 x 0.6 cm

  • Ideal alternative to Tailor's chalk
  • Easy to use - just use like a pen
  • Pack of pens includes a blue, red and black
  • Disappears like a pencil using an eraser or apply dry heat to remove any marks on fabric
  • Perfect for all your sewing projects
£5.99 £5.7
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First available:23/06/2017
£3.07 £1.87
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Kbnian Pack of 4 Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pens & 8 Refills White Red Blue Black Color Iron Off Water Soluble Ink Tailors Chalk Clothes Marker Pencil for Textile Leather Sewing Quilting Dressmaker

  • 【Packaging & Usage】The set contains 4 sewing marking pens of different colors and 8 additional refills. The colors white, pink, blue and black are conspicuous and clearly visible, which allows you to mark on fabric and leather of different colors and materials
  • 【Principle of function】Heat erasable pen is mainly used for temporary marking of shoes, clothing and leather. The writing will disappear when the temperature reaches 65℃. Due to the different chemical composition and physical properties of the materials, please make a small test before putting it into production
  • 【Iron erasable ink】Made of special ink that does not develop color at high temperature and is also water soluble. A quick touch of irons or steamers, the mark disappears and no residue will spoil your fabric. Unlike ordinary tailors chalk, our sewing markers will not disappear until your project is finished
  • 【Clear and smooth writing】The 0.7 mm pen tip is made of high hardness steel, which makes it durable and improves the marking effects. So our Textile markers allow you to draw clear and complex patterns that give fabulous clothes and crafts
  • 【Portable fabric pen】The pen caps are equipped with pocket clips so that our fabric marking pens are always at hand. The shelf life of the ink is one year. Put the cap on time when using so that the next writing is always smooth
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Prym Chalk Pencils + Brush White/Blue

  • Chalk pencils
  • With erasing brush
  • suitable for marking on fabrics
£2.43 £2.63
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First available:13/10/2015

Delaman 12pcs Tailors Chalk Pencil, Water Soluble Pencil White Sewing Marking Pencil, Dressmaker Practical Tool

  • The marks pencil can be removed with the brush or damp cloth.
  • High quality pencil cores with exquisite craftsmanship, easy for marking and not easy to bend and break off.
  • The soluble pencil glides smoothly and evenly across fabric without crumbling.
  • The sewing white pencil contains no waxes, dyes or harmful chemicals, 100% water soluble.
  • Leaves fine visible lines to guide your quilting stitches.
Last change:02/10/2019

Prym Chalk Cartridge Set for Writing, Marking & Drawing on Many Materials Such as Textiles, Paper, Wood & Plastic, Plastic/Metal, Multi-Colour, 18.5 x 9.5 x 2 cm

  • For Writing, Marking & Drawing on many materials
  • Suitable for use on Fabric, Felt, Textiles, Paper, Wood & Plastic
  • Great Value
  • Superior Quality
£8.91 £7.05
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First available:15/06/2016

Water Erasable Fabric Markers Pen Water Soluble Pen Auto-Vanishing Pen for Fabric Marking Multicolor Hydrolyze Magic Pen Cross Stitch Faded DIY Sewing Marking Pen Achromatize Print Point Pen 6 Pack

  • ➀ Marks will disappear automatically after a certain period of time. Disappearing time is within 1-7 days. it varies with temperature, humidity, cloth, dye, preservation methods, etc.
  • ➁Water soluble: removing your spots is as easy as applying them. Simply wipe with a wet cloth or sponge or allow the mark. Remove mark as needed and apply with clean water.
  • ➂Non-toxic: There are no toxic or harmful chemicals present in our pens and there is no danger of inhaling any powdery residue.
  • ➃Generally used for dressmaking, handicraft, embroidery, artificial flowers, temporary line marking. A contemporary alternative to tailor's chalk.
  • ➄2 quantity available: 6 pack multicolor and 12 pack white, you can choose any color that you like. A useful tool for fashion students, tailoring professionals and garment making enthusiasts alike.
Last change:07/12/2019

Fabric Markers 12 Pack Dual Tip MINIMAL BLEED Rich Pigment Fine Permanent Graffiti Coloring Fabric Pens. Child Safe & Non Toxic

  • Creativity - These markers are specially designed for use on all fabrics. Whether it is a simple project on your t-shirt or whether you want to add colour to worn soft shoes - or give more colour to a boring shopping bag. These are the ultimate markers to let your creativity run wild and have a lot of fun. Stand out from the crowd.
Last change:26/09/2018

Supercrafts Soluble Marker Pens for Sewing/Craft Projects - Set of 3

  • These pens are sold as a set of three in the following colours: light blue, purple and pink.
  • These erasable quilting/sewing markers work great for quilting, embroidery, dressmaking and other projects where you need to mark the fabric but don't want to leave a permanent mark. When it's time to remove the marks, just spray a little clean water over them and they will disappear.
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  • Dress Makers Pencil Set of 3
  • Ideal for Pattern Cutting and fashion design
  • Marks fabric easily and can be removed
  • 3 Colours for different fabric colours
£2.99 £2.74
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Sharplace 5 Pieces Water Erasable Pen Water Soluble Pen Fabric Marker for Embroidery Tailors Dressmaking Sewing

  • Erasable Fabric Pen gives you precise smooth lines, which will disappear immediately in water.
  • The ink marking on fabric can be immediately erased with water.
  • Perfect for marking your fabric for sizing or altering etc.
  • Great for dress making, shoes making, cross stitch, embroidery and tailor sewing.
  • Always test on a scrap fabric first before marking your work.
£2.48 £2.99
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MagiDeal 2Pcs Tailors Chalk Pen Pencil For Sewing Dressmakers DIY Craft Markers Pens

  • Blue and White Color Tailor Chalk Pencil Sewing Making Chalk DIY Tracing Tools
  • Double head and Brush design; can make it easy to hold and make markings on fabric easier.
  • Craft Markers Pens can help no sharpening and has a smooth writing.
  • Dressmaking Chalks are Great for professional tailor or beginners, kids, children, adults home tailoring.
  • It can be Drawing on cotton fabric, leather fabric or other art Leathercrafts .
Last change:12/08/2018
£4.68 £3.55
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12 X Vanishing Air Erasable Water Erasable Textile Ink Fabric Marker Pens

  • A great way to make temporary markings on fabric and other surfaces, and an alternative to using tailor's chalk
  • Ideal for dressmaking, embroidery, quilting, weaving and tapestry
  • Pink marker is air vanishing
  • Blue marker is water erasable
  • Color : pink & bule
£8.59 £7.59
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EZ Quilting 8823005A Water Soluble Marking Pen - Blue

  • EZ Quilting Water Soluble Pen
  • Colour blue
  • Perfect for marking on fabric for any sewing and craft project
  • Removed with water.
  • Great for quilting, sewing and crafts.
£2.99 £2.53
Last change:23/06/2019
First available:11/02/2013

UMTMedia® Tailors Chalk - Dressmaker Fabric Sewing Marking Dressmaking Tailor Markers (Pack of 4)

  • Ergonomic design makes them convenient and easy to apply on any fabric and they will not stain hands.
  • Ideal for professional tailor and home tailoring.
  • Made of premium material, which is harmless to human body.
  • Drawing the lines become smoother and clearer and no chalk mark is left on the base materials after some time.
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Last change:07/12/2019

10 Pieces Tailor's Chalk Sewing Tailoring Cloth Fabric Marker Sewing Tool for Make Clothes

  • Make from phosphorus free soil and wax,not easily broken,easy to mark and wipe.
  • Ideal for professional tailor or home tailoring,perfect for DIY clothes.
  • Each tailor's chalk is very thick,sturdy and durable,it can be used for a long time.
  • Pack of 10 pcs tailor's chalk in four colors to meet daily needs.(Blue,Red,White and Yellow)
  • Make easily marking on fabric,use to marking designs or adjustments on garments,embroidery or stitching on fabrics.
Last change:26/09/2018

Rryilong Fabric Marker Pen Embroidery Cross Stitch Eyelet Water Erasable 4X Washable

  • These pens are perfect for quilting, embroidery, sewing or any other project that needs to mark the fabric but does not want to leave a permanent mark.
  • This pen works very well when you need your marks to be visible for a while.
  • When it's time to remove the marks, just spray a little clean water on it and it will disappear.
  • Material: plastic.
  • Quantity: 4 pieces/set.
Last change:23/06/2019

4pcs Heat Erasable Pens Fabric Marking Pens with 16 Refills and Transparent Plastic Box for Fabric Tailors Quilting Sewing Dressmaking for Various Colors of Leather Fabrics,4 Colors

  • ☀Package includes-4pcs fabric erasable pen holders with 20pcs refills in totals, packed in a plastic case, Replaceable, which is portable. The refill has 4 colors, there are red, beige, blue and black.
  • ☀Erasable function-the pen refills contain quality ink, which can erase with heat, The words disappear when the temperature reaches 70 degrees. Without any residue, your fabric won't get messed up, convenient for your sewing or quilting project.
  • ☀Convenient tool-ultra-fine 0.7 mm writing points enable you to write precise lines, nice tool for one to use for quilting and sewing, you can use them to make a marker on the fabric, and bright colors can help you to draw clearly.
  • ☀Easy to Store-The ink is deeply pigmented and 4 colors are bright, clear to notice.Each extra refills has a safe caps. These pen refills can be preserved well when unused, which truly save you time and money.
  • ☀Application-Suitable for temporary marking on various colors of fabrics, shoes making, leather lines, sewing, quilting, and dressmaking, etc. With our pen, you can write clear and smooth text or patterns.
Last change:23/06/2019
£3.6 £2.32
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Sew Easy ER296.F | Vanishing Fabric Marker

  • Vanishing Fabric Marker
  • Colour: Purple
  • Extra Fine Line
  • Vanishes within 48 hours
  • For Detailed Marking
£3.98 £2.89
Last change:02/10/2019

I Love To Create Tulip Fabric Markers 6/Pkg-Neon

  • Tulip Fabric Markers 6/Pkg-Neon
£10.7 £8.44
Last change:02/10/2019

Dritz Disappearing Ink Marking Pen-Purple

  • Suitable for knitting and crochet projects
  • Suitable for all types of garments
  • Made in USA
  • Designed for easy usage and storage
  • Adds texture and style to your projects
£5.82 £3.91
Last change:23/06/2019

Tailor's Chalk,10 Pcs Sewing Chalk Dressmakers Tailor Chalk for Tailoring, Sewing, Quilting, Crafting, Notions, Fabric Marking and Fashion Designer DIY Making

  • .Professional tailor's chalk, 10 PCS in each box, and 4 colors (3 red, 3 blue, 2 white, 2 yellow).
  • To mark on fabrics and project patterns never easier. You can even easily make your sweet dream or whatever you want to draw on the cloth
  • A solid chalk block with a triangular shape makes it easy to hold and make marks. Suitable for professional tailor and home tailoring.
  • You can use the three sharp angle to draw nice precision.
  • Ergonomic design makes it comfortable and easy to apply on any fabric and it does not stain hands
Last change:02/10/2019

Fabric Pens Permanent Fabric Markers - Vari-Detail Nib - A Unique Pen to Decorate T-Shirts, Baby Clothes, Textiles, Canvas Shoes, Tote Bags, School Uniform Name Labels Tags Colour & Craft - by Bower

  • ✅ THE BEST RESULTS, EVERY TIME - Our vari-detail nib gives you the same high-quality results on any fabric. Whether you're designing t-shirts or canvas bags, or just customising your look, you can be sure that there will be minimal bleed and zero smudging.
  • ✅ MORE BLACK FOR YOUR BUCK - Bower fabric markers last longer and include a free second black pen. Ideal for writing names on labels for schoolwear or laundry, the non-toxic stay safe ink is permanent on clothes but gentle on skin, washing straight off.
  • ✅ PUTTING YOU IN CONTROL - The only fabric marker with a unique vari-detail nib, Bower fabric markers let you switch between drawing fine lines and adding block colour whenever your designs demand it.
  • ✅ SAFETY FIRST - Fabric pens from Bower come with a child safe, easy-click, pen cap. As well as making it hard for little hands to get into your pens, the easy-click cap actively prevents the ink from drying out
  • ✅ SATISFACTION, GUARANTEED - We're confident that you'll love using your Bower fabric pens, but if you're not happy with your purchase, or encounter an issue, just get in touch and we'll take care of everything
Last change:17/06/2018

Sharplace 6 Pieces Vanishing Air/Water Erasable Clean Pen Fabric Marker Pen for DIY Sewing

  • Erasable Fabric Pen gives you precise smooth lines, which disappear like magic over air;
  • The ink will disappear within 2-10 days from most fabrics;
  • The ink marking can be immediately erased with water;
  • Perfect for marking your fabric for sizing or altering etc;
  • Always test on a scrap fabric first before marking your work.
£7.16 £3.98
Last change:12/08/2018

Water Erasable Bright Blue Fabric Marker Pen- Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer!

  • Makes a bright blue mark
  • Marks easily removed with water
  • A new safe way for marking: quilting, fabric, needlepoint, stichery, embroidery, candlewicking, crewel, weaving
  • Easy to see, easy to remove
Last change:23/06/2019

Fabric Markers Permanent 12 Pack Premium Quality Bright DUAL TIP Stained Fine Writers Art Fabric Pens by Crafts 4 ALL. Child safe & non-toxic.

  • THE FIRST AND THE ORIGINAL DUAL TIP FABRIC MARKERS ON AMAZON WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY PERMANENT FABRIC INK !!!I Designed for use on any fabric, these markers will let your creativity shine. Perfect for wall art, clothing, handbags, placemats, canvas, sneakers,bibs,baby gear and many more!!!
  • 12 VIBRANT COLORS - This professional art and craft marker gift set uses a DEEPLY RICH PIGMENTED fabric dye ink producing the HIGHEST COLOR PIGMENT RETENTION and create DIY crafts that looks unique and lasts longer than ever before.
  • DUAL TIPS: Broad and fine tips for UNDERLINE, OUTLINE, SKETCH & DRAW providing great versatility and flexibility allowing you to create various styles, sketches and patterns with ease. Be Different,Be unique and stand out from the crowd!Less messier than fabric paint.
  • EASIEST & BEST VALUE FABRIC MARKERS - Fabric marker kit is CHILD SAFE, Non-Toxic, Fade Proof, Weatherproof, Light Fast & Washerproof, guaranteeing your art retains its original beauty, regardless of light, time or weather.
  • GRAFFITI MARKERS YOU'LL LOVE - LIFETIME GUARANTEED: You'll love the precision calligraphy, graffiti, outlining & art you easily create with these no-bleed fabric markers, or your money back!
Last change:13/07/2018

BENECREAT 12PCS Water Soluble Pencil Tracing Tools for Tailor's Sewing Marking And Students Drawing

  • PACKAGE INCLUDE: 12pcs Water Soluble Pencil Tracing Tools
  • MEASUREMENT: Pencil size about 170cm long, 8mm thick; Box Size: 17.5x5.5.2cm
  • HIGH QUALITY: Chooses high grade lumber light and easy to grip, not easily broken ! It is made of Paper Wrapped with Tear String - DOES NOT NEED TO BE SHARPENED!
  • WIDE APPLIATION: Tailors chalk has sharp edges for drawing fine lines and is ideal for temporarily marking felt, straw and other fabrics.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident that this Pencil will serve you excellently and if for any reason you're not completely satisfied we will refund 100% of your purchase back to you. Please just reach out to us.
Last change:07/12/2019

Prym Aqua Trick Marker extra fine water erasable,Green

  • Aqua Trick Marker extra fine water erasable
  • Fibre tip
  • extra fine line marking pen
  • water erasable marking pen
  • Easy to use- every crafter needs this!
£4.52 £4.51
Last change:23/06/2019
First available:05/06/2013

HAND Premium Air/Water Erasable Purple Fabric Marker Pen - Pack of 2

  • Pack of 2 premium quality purple marker pens.
  • Marks will disappear automatically after certain period of time & it can easily remove with water.
  • A new safe way for marking: quilting, fabric, needlepoint, stichery, embroidery, candlewicking, crewel, weaving.
  • Easy to see, easy to remove.
  • An ideal tool for fashion students, tailoring professionals and garment making enthusiasts.
Last change:10/11/2018

HEMLINE Vanishing Pen H296

  • fine abric marker - wipe off/wash out blue.
  • use this easy to see fabric marker to mark embroidery designs quilting and stitching lines on fabrics.
  • no need to wash away marks will disappear within 48 hours.
  • good for fabrics not suitable for washing.
  • can also be removed with a damp cloth or rinsed out in cold water.
Last change:02/10/2019

Dritz Air-Erasable Marking Pen-Fine-Purple, 1 Pack

  • Suitable for knitting and crochet projects
  • Suitable for all types of garments
  • Made in USA
  • Designed for easy usage and storage
  • Adds texture and style to your projects
£7.39 £4.74
Last change:17/10/2018
First available:07/10/2015
£3.12 £2
Last change:07/12/2019

M&G iErase Friction & Heat Erasable Pens

  • Friction based rubber on each pen for use when erasing on paper.
  • Heat erasable marking pens for quilting.
  • Ink is removed with any sustained heat e.g. iron, hairdryer or washing machine.
  • Comfy finger grip on each pen.
  • Your choice of multiple colours.
Last change:07/12/2019

BUZIFU 4 Colors Heat Pens Heat Erasable Pens Fabric Marking Pens Auto-Vanishing Pen Sewing Pens with 8 Pieces Replaceable Pen Refills for Sewing, Quilting and Dressmaking,4 Pen Set

  • ✍【High Quality】:Our erasable pens has stainless steel pen point, tungsten carbide beads, which is wear resistant,no ink leakage,extra-fine 0.7 mm writing points,help write precise lines,pens glide on easily.High transparent pen made of excellent quality PC,not easy to drop the pen.Imported high temperature ink,the lines drawn are smooth and clear, colors bright.Large ink capacity ,the inner diameter of all these refill rods are 2.86mm.
  • ✍【Easy & Convenient】:Unlike normal chalks, will be dusty residue that is not easy to clean.Unlike mercury pen which need cleaning pen to clean it,wasting time and manpower.Unlike hydrolyzed pen,will disappear in a few hours or one-two days ,cannot control the good time.Our sewing markers won't rub away before your project is finished.It can erasable with Ironing easily, quick and convenient.
  • ✍【4 Colors Marking】:There are 4 colors of heat erase pens ,black, blue, white and red .White used on dark fabric, red, blue and black on light color fabric.Help complete the clothes making and trace the marking easily, can meet you demands for distinguishing and marking, suitably mark on various colors of fabrics, suitable for both quilter and tailor.
  • ✍【Abundant Quantity】:4 fabric erasable pens with 8 extra refills in 4 colors, spare refills give the pen extra life, abundant quantity to use for a long time. The convenient heat erasable pens make the process of cutting much easier, also can paint intricate patterns in stunning handmade clothes and crafts. Using for sewing and cutting work, craft making, clothing tailoring and ironing, multi-functional pens that users need to have for dealing with daily life problems.
  • ✍【Erasable with Ironing】:Special ink erases with heat,the marking content will vanish when the temperature up to 60 degree. a quick touch of the iron and the marks are gone, no residue to mess your clothes or fabric, the hanging ironing machine,steam ironing machine, oven and hair dryer can remove the marks, so as to avoid wash cleaning.Note:The colorful mark will reappear when the temperature is around -5 degree.The white mark will reappear when the temperature is around -35 degree.
Last change:02/10/2019

Koh-I-Noor Tailor's Chalk 7-Piece Set Green/Red/Blue/White/Yellow/Purple Fabric Marker

  • With a holder made from break-resistant plastic and which has a ridged grip area for optimum hold.
  • Chalk thickness: 3.8 mm; works like a pen to keep your hands clean
  • It is quick and easy to replace the chalk; marks can easily be brushed or rinsed off; includes a practical storage box for the chalks.
  • Chalk length approx. 12 cm; pen approx. 1.3 cm; chalk approx. 3.8 mm; includes 7 chalks
  • The following chalk colours are included: 1x green, 1x purple, 1x red, 1x blue, 1x yellow and 2x white
Last change:17/10/2018