Fireman wellies

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Fireman Wellies

A brave fireman needs strong heat resistant boots with steel top cap and reinforced sole and at the same time the boot needs to be comfortable and flexible. See these real fireman's boots conforming to British standard EN345-2. Firemen need strong protective shoes for doing their dangerous jobs.Running into burning buildings and rescuing the people inside.Climbing over broken wood, red hot steel girders, broken glass, and fallen down brick walls and even more hazards.

Fireman Wellies Outline for colouring-in

Fireman Wellies for kids

Kidorable Fireman Welly Boots - Size 5 by Kidorable

  • Kidorable Fireman Welly Boots - Size 5
  • 5
Kidorable Fireman Welly Boots - Size 5 by Kidorable
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Fireman Sam Boy's Wellies

  • Official Fireman Sam merchandise
  • Shoes size conversion EU 25-26 =8-8.5UK / EU 27-28 = 9-10UK / EU 29-30 =11-12 UK / 31-32 =12-13UK
  • Check conversion size guide for other sizes
  • Slip-on fit for easy access with sturdy sole grip detail
Fireman Sam Boy
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Fireman Sam Boys Rain boots

  • Robust durable rubber boot made of caoutchouc ( water-resistant)
  • Colourful design
Fireman Sam Boys Rain boots
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Fireman Sam - Children's Shoes - Rain Boots - Weather Boots (Size 7,5-13)

  • Children License Theme: Fireman Sam
  • High-quality weather boots with reinforced caps in the foot area.
  • Color: blue / light blue
  • Inner fabric / feed: 100% Polyester
  • easy to clean with a damp cloth
Fireman Sam - Children
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