Hedgehog Boot scrapers

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Fallen Fruits Hedgehog Boot Brush

  • Cast iron boot scraper with hedgehog
  • A good boot brush
  • A unique gift, inspired by nature
£18.99 £15.62
Last change:26/09/2018
First available:10/10/2014

Hedgehog Boot Scraper

  • Hedgehog Design Boot Scraper
  • Cast Iron with brush
  • 26CM Wide
  • 16CM High
  • 15CM Deep
Last change:09/09/2018

Fallen Fruits Small Hedgehog Boot Brush

  • Small shoe brush in the shape of a hedgehog
  • Suitable as a gift
  • Pack size: 6
Last change:10/11/2018
First available:11/04/2015

Country Rustic Sturdy Hedgehog Outdoor Shoe Boot Scraper Brush

  • Rustic Cast Iron Hedgehog Boot Scraper Brush
  • Lovely design that is also practical
  • Hedgehog shape shoe boot scraper with sturdy brush
  • Dimensions 25 cm x 16 cm x 18 cm.
Last change:09/09/2018

AB Tools Hedgehog Door Stop Shoe Welly Boot Brush Scrub Muck Mud Scraper House

  • Cast iron doorstop with boot brush.
  • Size: 14cm x 17cm x 22cm
  • Hedgehog decoration.
  • Perfect for any door.
  • This item is NEW, but comes in "Rustic" condition
Last change:07/07/2019