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About Kidorable

Kidorable the company, was started by Liping Yang and Jonathan Domsky in 1997 from their apartment flat in Chicago, USA. In their first year in business they just managed to break even. Today, Kidorable is a multi-million dollar business with 40 full-time staff in offices across the world. Read more about Kidorable on their website.

Based in the USA, Kidorable is one of the leading brands of children's rain gear in the world. Follow Kidorable on their Facebook and Kidorable on twitter.

Where can I buy Kidorable Rain boots?

For USA and Canada see this list of Kidorable rain boots on See here for Japan.

See Wellies and for a great list of kidorable wellies.

To send or buy Kidorable wellies in the UK, see this list of Kidorable rainboots on

Kidorable Rain Boots

Kidorable Butterfly Welly Boots - Size 11

  • Butterfly Design
  • Made of Natural Rubber with a polyester lining
  • Perfect for Festivals, Rainy days, Camping and much more.
Kidorable Butterfly Welly Boots - Size 11
Last change:17/06/2018

Kidorable Rain Boots (UK10, Frog)

  • Kidorable Child's Welly Boots - Frog (Size 10)
Kidorable Rain Boots (UK10, Frog)
Last change:21/07/2018
Kidorable Knight Wellington Boots (Child UK 7)
Last change:04/08/2018