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Princess Colouring Book for kids, colouring game for girls, kindergarten and preschool toddler girls, children all ages. Beautiful pictures of princesses, knights, castles, unicorn, horse, heart, love. Children ages 2, 3, 4, 5 Years Old. Free Trial.

  • Wonderful coloring book for girls.
  • Coloring and drawing pictures with finger on the screen.
  • Coloring book develops fine motor skills and kids creativity.
  • A wide selection of images in a fairy tale world of Princess theme.
  • Completed drawings can be saved in the app gallery.
  • Saved pictures can be re-edited.
  • You can send colored pictures as greeting cards to your friends
  • Adapted to your phone and tablet.
  • Free updates.
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:03/03/2017

Princess Nail Salon - girls games

  • Do you want to get remarkable nails like a princess? Makeover now! Make your nails much more beautiful!
  • It's a kids games for girls!
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:25/12/2015

Princess Gloria Makeup Salon - Best Friends Spa

  • Play new Princess Gloria makeover games with her best friends!
  • Take care of three lovely ladies - Gloria, Juliet & Belle!
  • Run a beauty salon & design wonderful princess outfits!
  • Treat the girls with a relaxing facial spa & apply a face mask!
  • Use blush, powder, eye shadows & mascara for the perfect makeup!
  • Choose the best lipstick color & apply shiny lip gloss!
  • Add stylish face accessories for the wonderful winter look!
  • Mix and match latest fashion princess dresses & shoes!
  • Select the perfect hairstyle for each princess!
  • Try on as many necklaces & tiaras as you wish!
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:19/10/2018

Princess Gloria Ice Salon - Frozen Beauty Makeover

  • Help Princess Gloria & Prince Adrian prepare for winter concert in the frozen kingdom!
  • Play beauty makeover, dress up, play music & sing along!
  • Choose who to style first - Princess Gloria or Prince Adrian!
  • Do sparkling makeup for Princess Gloria & style her hair!
  • Dress up Gloria with princess dresses, shoes & tiaras!
  • Shave Prince Adrian's beard, pop bubbles & give him a facial spa!
  • Take care of Prince Adrian's hair & create frozen hairstyles!
  • Design the perfect concert outfit for Prince Adrian!
  • Join Princess Gloria & Prince Adrian in their concert & sing along!
  • Play Princess Gloria Ice Salon every day & collect all ice trophies!
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:16/11/2018

Ice Queen Salon: Spa, Makeup and Dress Up: princess beauty salon makeover for girly girls who love fashion games

  • 3 elegant and enchanting ice queens: Victoria, Seraphina and Aurora
  • 3 game sections: spa, makeup and dress up salon
  • Elegantly styled hair in various colors
  • Sparkly snowflake designs for dresses and capes
  • 12 majestic ice powers
  • 5 cute snowmen
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:16/11/2015

BFF World Trip Hollywood - Ice Princess, Vampire Girl & Hawaii Spa Makeover

  • Go on a BFF World Trip and travel to Hollywood for exciting movie star makeover!
  • Meet and play with 3 best friends Serena, Naomi & Bella!
  • Make sweet Serena look like a stunning ice princess!
  • Turn lovely Naomi into a dancing Hawaiian princess!
  • Create a scary cool vampire princess style for Bella!
  • Make delicious frozen ice cream desserts for your friends!
  • Collect movie star trophies & watch videos for kids in the cinema!
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:12/12/2018

Tropical Princess Salon: Spa, Makeup and Dress Up Makeover - girly girl games

  • Tropical themed girls makeover game on a paradise island setting!
  • Spa, makeup and dress up sections!
  • Face painting in the makeup salon in addition to the regular makeup items. And even her jewelry has a special tropical touch, from fresh flowers to delicate pearls and beads.
  • Fun tropical outfits and accessories in the dress up salon. From hula skirts to beaded skirts, floral dresses and various strappy sandals, you'll have plenty of options to beautify this royal girl.
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:22/06/2016

Snow Queen Dress Up and Makeup: princess makeover salon for girly girls who love fashion and virtual beauty games

  • 3 princesses to choose from: Bella, Emma and Lily
  • Makeup salon
  • Dress up room
  • Apply gems to her face and hair
  • Lots of pretty hairstyles
  • Many different colors for lipstick, eye shadow, hair, eyes and much more
  • Wide variety of frost dresses and accessories, including magic wands
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:23/08/2015

Ice Princess - Royal Wedding Day

  • Plan an enchanting wedding for the Ice Princess!
  • Design a magical wedding gown for her!
  • Watch the royal couple dance the night away!
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:31/01/2017

Long Hair Princess Candy Salon

  • - Create the candy lipstick with yummy candy, shining glitter and other amazing materials
  • - Make the Long Hair Princess beautiful with your amazing candy makeup talents!
  • - Dress up Long Hair Princess in tons of sweet outfits!
  • - Give Long Hair Princess cotton candy hairstyles and decorate their hair with rainbow sprinkles!
  • - Spoiled in the magic candy kingdom and dance with the Prince
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:21/03/2017

Cute & Tiny Fun Park - Dino, Car & Princess World

  • Explore the Fun Park & learn colors with adorable kitty Sue, puppy Bu & bunny Blu!
  • Kitty Sue is a girly girl & wants to visit a princess-themed park!
  • Puppy Bu is a big fan of dinosaur-themed rides!
  • Bunny Blu wants to go to a car-themed amusement park!
  • Choose correct carousel seats, enjoy Ferris wheel & roller coaster rides!
  • Win squishy & plush toys from a claw machine & have a festive snack!
  • Cute & simple graphics!
  • Kid-friendly interface!
  • Safe environment for playing & learning!
  • Suitable for toddlers & younger kids!
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:04/10/2018

Colouring book for kids, colouring game for girls and boys, kindergarten and preschool toddlers, kids of all ages. Beautiful pictures of animals, princesses, dinosaurs, cars. Children ages 2, 3, 4, 5 Years Old. Free Trial.

  • Realistic finger colouring book for kids that requires precision and practice.
  • Develops fine kids motor skills in creative way.
  • 12 drawing categories: Halloween, colouring book for boys, colouring book for girls, colouring book for kids, animals, number & letters, shapes, christmas, princess, dinosaurs, cosmos and potluck.
  • colouring game with animals sounds!
  • colouring book free contains over 500 illustrations as free colouring pages (including Halloween, princess, dinosaur) with ads.
  • Full version of FingerPen colouring Book for kids contains no ads.
  • Kids Engaging, age-appropriate and skill-appropriate topics
  • Store completed drawings in the kids colouring books gallery or share them as greeting card.
  • colouring book HD - the app adjusts to screen sizes of all devices including tablet
  • Free updates
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:13/03/2017

Princess Salon (Kindle Tablet Edition)

  • - Spa Section
  • - Makeup Section
  • - Dress up Section
  • - 4 models from different continents to choose
  • - Different hair style to choose
  • - Experiment with dozens of different lipsticks, eyes, eye-shadow, hair color and much more.
  • - Lots of Dresses for the best day.
  • - Huge variety of party items, including earrings, necklaces and headgears.
  • - Makeup and Dress up her in the gown of your dreams
  • - share your perfect girls easily over Facebook or E-mail with one click
Princess Salon (Kindle Tablet Edition)
by LiBii
Last change:09/02/2019
First available:05/03/2019

Mermaid Ice Princess Salon: Spa, Makeup and Dress Up Girls Beauty Makeover Games

  • 3 mermaid princesses: Delphine, Fiona and Olivia
  • 3 makeover sections: spa, makeup and dress up salon
  • Jewelry with seashell and snowflake designs
  • 12 cute sea friends, including seahorse, penguin, dolphin and fish
  • Lots of fun options for makeup and dressing up, including ability to customize her tail and fin
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:23/11/2015

Princess Make Up 2: Salon Game

  • 16 Chapters each containing 24 levels ranging from easy to hard
  • Many puzzles for you to enjoy
  • Keep track of all the puzzles you've cleared
  • System to help you undo the game
  • Background music and sounds
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:07/05/2015

Face Paint Princess Salon - Makeup, Makeover, Dressup and Spa Games

  • Please help the princess design cool, funny and cute face paintings. Choose your favourite colour as the background colour and draw the most beautiful shape with your brush.This free game is very fun.
  • Do you like the face painting you just created? If you like it, you can share it to your friends.This is not just a kids game, but also adult like to play fun games.
  • After painting, please give her a full facial Spa to clean her face. If you want to make her look better, you can also help her make up or put on some beautiful dresses.There are many most funny games in it. But also very suitable for girls game.
  • Have fun!
  • Find more free online games, please browse the website http:/ No need to download!
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:04/08/2016

Long Hair Princess 2 Royal Prom Salon Dance Games

  • - Princess, this is your first Palace Ball in your life. You can invite your guest.
  • - DIY the best royal invitation card style
  • -Deliver your invitation to guests by royal pigeons
  • - What style of princess' crown should be? You can DIY your princess' style.
  • - Use the reality tools to make the most special princess' crown frame
  • -Find the jewels in the treasure-house and inset into the princess' crown
  • -Make a beautiful and gorgeous hairstyle for your first royal palace ball
  • - Dress up long hair princess for royal palace ball
  • - Clean up and decorate the royal hall before the ball
  • - Finally, the ball is going well but...
Long Hair Princess 2 Royal Prom Salon Dance Games
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:11/10/2017

Osmo Disney Princess

  • Part of the award-winning Osmo play system - watch the video to see how it works!
  • A fun and magical experience for young kids to discover the creativity of drawing through connecting with Disney princesses and stories. For kids ages 5 - 11.
  • Comes with the Super sketchpad - 30 pages of fun, replayable Disney Princess activities. Includes 1 magic erasing Super Marker, and 1 Super Sweeper.
  • Learn to draw your favorites! Explore the enchanting worlds of Belle, Ariel, and Rapunzel as you follow expert guidance and learn to draw them yourself.
  • See them come to transport your drawings to the screen, and watch them come to life in your very first Disney animation!
  • Get help every sketch of the way! Get expert help, sketch lessons and instant feedback-so you can become an animation master in no time! A magical, immersive way to connect to Disney Princesses.
  • Important: A compatible Fire Tablet and the Osmo play system are required to play. (Not included)
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:06/03/2019

Princess Fairy Coloring Book

  • - various brushes, including dry brush, water-color, crayon, pen, rainbow, glow neon.
  • - easy color picker
  • - pinch to zoom in/out to paint in small space
  • - ink dropper
  • - "movie" mode to replay the coloring like a small film.
  • - show or hide menu by tapping the right-bottom button
  • - auto hide menu during each stoke
  • - built-in gallery to store both coloring picture and coloring animation.
  • - undo/redo
  • - eraser
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:21/08/2013

Long Hair Princess 3: Sleep Spell Rescue

  • - Poor prince got cursed with the sleeping spell
  • - Save prince with the magic power from patron
  • - Dress up well and start the adventure to save the kingdom
  • -Keep the princess style even in a difficult situation
  • - Look for the good witch in the mystery jungle
  • -Retrieve your hair magic with the magic lotion
  • -Break the sleep spell to awake the entire kingdom
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:30/11/2017

Tooth Fairy Princess - Magical Adventure

  • Help the tooth fairy princess to collect as many teeth as possible!
  • Leave awesome presents for the little boy and girls!
  • Overcome sweet obstacles like storm clouds and crazy cats!
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:22/08/2018

Long Hair Princess Dream Wedding

  • - A fantasy magic princess hair salon makeover game
  • - A beautiful long hair princess to play
  • - Glamorous wedding dress design and creation
  • - Fun realistic hair makeover tools: magic comb, hair dyes, curling iron
  • - Dozens of beautiful flower crown for your design
  • - Tons of different styles makeup with shining beauties on eyes, faces and lips
  • - Stylized creative gorgeous and cool style dresses to wear
  • - Various trendy and thematic accessories to put on
  • - Sweet and romantic wedding photography with handsome groom
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:01/04/2017

Princess doll house - Decoration game

  • Rearrange the rooms to just how you want your doll house to look.
  • Add each piece of furniture in separate rooms to make each room special.
  • Choose and change colors of your furniture to make it compliment your wall paper.
  • Decorate the outdoors so all your friends can come and stay for a while.
  • Show off your doll house that is only fit for a beautiful princess.
Last change:16/03/2019
First available:22/07/2015