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About the Saturnus Coat Rack

The Saturnus ball or "Satellite" coat rack is a space inspired retro look coat rack designed by Charles Eames in the 1950's. Charles Eames was one of the leading American industrial designers of the 20th century. Since then there have been many designs based on this coat hook. We've collected a list of these designs on this page.

Charles and Ray Eames

The Saturnus coat hook was designed by Charles and Ray Eames (an American industrial and furniture designer) in the late 1950's - better known for his Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, these designs have become timeless classics. The designs themselves - inspired by the planet Saturn and it's moons - are ingenious, to say the least. More Eames designs

Funky Design

The funky retro design of the Saturnus collection is one of the most successful and popular coat rack and hat holder designs for the home or office of the 20th Century.

Comparison with other popular designs

Not to be confused in name with the Saturn coat stand by Barber and Osgerby. The Saturnus coat hooks and coat stand collection might be compared in stature with the classic Victorian style bentwood coat stand - originally designed by Michael Thonet in the late 1800's. Numerous modern designs based on the classic multi-colour 'spinning satellites' design have been attempted. Below is a selection of links to online retailers of Saturnus coat hooks.

Saturnus Coat Racks

PT Living "Saturnus Wine Rack

  • Wine rack Saturnus w. wooden balls
  • the funky design of the wine bricks is very contemporary
  • 40 x 25 x 16cm, BOX32 Design
  • Makes a great gift
  • Simple design, elegant lines and great functionality make this design stand out
PT Living "Saturnus Wine Rack
£26.5 £6.07
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First available:10/09/2015
Saturnus Large Coat Rack Gold with Black hooks by Present Time 53.5cm
£18.74 £17.75
Last change:27/05/2018
Present Time Saturnus Coat Rack Gold by 34cm
Last change:27/05/2018

Present Time – Door Door 8 Balls Saturnus Coat of Colours

  • The door door saturnus coat is made up of 8 balls of color for holding clothing. It is simply placed on the doors of your home. Signed by Present Time and loft attitude, it will brighten up your children's rooms and will bring a touch of colour to your home.
Present Time – Door Door 8 Balls Saturnus Coat of Colours
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