Shrinky Dinks Shrinking Tracing Paper

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Super Shrink Keyring Pack of 6)

  • Shrinky Dinks: Create professional looking accessories that shrink down as if by magic This is a project that will certainly wow
  • Curious kids will be in awe when they watch their designs shrink down seven times smaller in size But first, they'll need to put their colouring cap on and shade in their own designs. Follow the instructions and as they bake, you'll see them transform into the new shape they'll take
  • Craft kits for Kids: Great for kids clubs classroom arts and crafts individual play time rainy day activities and more If you're forever losing your keys or simply want to give them a makeover with a funky accessory these speedy keyrings are sure to please.
  • Included in the Pack: Each pack makes 6 keyrings, each supplied with a metal split ring to attach, instructions. Each keyring has a special material that shrinks 7 times smaller
  • Safety First: All Baker Ross toys & crafts are covered by CE & General Product Safety Regulations. Baker Ross caters to a variety of ages and leaves it to customers to assess whether a child is old enough for a particular item.
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