used mannequins (auctions, deals, eBay)


Hi and welcome to Bootkidz, a small mannequin design company based in London.

The mannequin business on eBay is thriving - with many buyers and sellers making deals every day - see the links below to find the mannequin seller on eBay closest to you. 

Are you looking for a new or second-hand mannequin on eBay? There are hundreds to choose from. Note that the spelling of mannequin can also be manikin (although "manikin" is really small human art forms stick figures). You should use the word "Mannequin" when searching for retail display mannequins.


eBay has a wide range of used and new mannequins. See this link for UK mannequins on eBay.


See here for US mannequins.

Australia/New Zealand

See here for mannequins from Australia/New Zealand.


See here for German mannequins.


See here for French mannequins.