Design your own wellies

Welly Art

Photo: Pixabay


This page has steps for creating your own Wellington Boot design. 

Ideas for Designing wellies

Here are some ideas for creating your own Wellington boot designs:

  1. Welly Stickers: This is the easiest, Wellington Boot Stickers are great, easy ways to make your wellies interesting - see here
  2. Design only using a stencil: This is if you only want to design. See our page wellington boot design step-by-step guide.
  3. eBay: Search eBay for a cheap white pair of wellies on eBay (see our webpage of white wellies) and use paint to decorate them using a design that you've practised on paper using our welly stencil
  4. Acrylic Paint: Use special acrylic paint from Tulip Paints - these paints are usually available from your local art store. Acrylic paint is stretchy so will be less likely to come off.
  5. Diamante Sparkles: Use diamond sparkles (Diamante) to add designs and letters to your boots - see the "Personalised Wellies" section below
  6. Welly Painting Kit: Buy the whole all-in-one kit online, search Amazon for paint your own rain boot kit or paint your own wellies - "Little Pals Paint your Wellies"
  7. Custom Design/Bulk order (for businesses): Order wellies for your business or event - minimum order quantity applies, but you can specify what you want your wellies to look like - this is great for events. See Jileon's website for more details.