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Metal Coat Stands

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Metal is often used to construct coat. Typical stands are usually made of chrome, steel, aluminum, or wrought-iron.  This is a short article describing how metal is used in coat stands. Chrome Coat Stands Chrome coat stands have a metallic look and feel. Aluminum Aluminum coat stands are usually brushed to make them more attractive, softening reflective surfaces, and make the metal less prone to scratches.  Aluminum coat stands use aluminum tubes construct the shaft of the coat stand. The principles of thickness and strength apply to coat stands. Aluminum tubing has a number of unique properties that make it an ideal material for...

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What is wrought iron?

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What is wrought iron? Wrought iron is a purer iron with lower carbon content. The roughness of wrought iron gives the metal its unique antique-style. Wrought iron is tough, malleable, ductile and can be easily welded.  How is wrought iron made? Wrought iron was traditionally made in a bloomery furnace.  About Wrought Iron Wrought iron is commercially pure iron - with a very low carbon content. This is in contrast to steel, an alloy - another popular coat stand material (see steel coat stands) which has a higher carbon content. Steel = 2% carbon + iron. Wrought iron is a fibrous material....

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