The Boot Kidz by Karen Henry, Bootkidz Ltd Reg.06581865, London, UK, Est. 2005,
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The Boot Kidz — Stop-motion

Manikins in stop-motion animation

Karen Henry 2009 Animation Article History Manikins Stop-motion

Manikins in stop-motion animation

Stop Motion Animation Stop motion animation uses time-lapse photography techniques. Time-lapse photography predated the first cartoon animations. The first stop-motion films were "Un Bon Bock" (Emile Reynaud, France, 1884), "Matches an Appeal" (England, 1899), and "The Enchanted Drawing" (USA, 1900, 1 min 26 seconds at 18 fps) filmed by Thomas Edison. History of Stop Motion Animation Willis O'Brien was one of the pioneers of stop-motion animation, using a small model and the superposition of people on film technique to createĀ King Kong (1933). O'Brien studied the movements of gorillas in zoos and other large animals to develop his characterization of Kong....

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