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Visual Merchandising Tips

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The more traffic you have the more sales you will generate, this applies to both web and high-street Think of ways to increase traffic For the web, create content that bloggers and social bookmarkers (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook...) will want to link to For brick and mortar shops putting sales banners, flags, balloons and other attractive frontage (flowers etc) will draw people into the shop Special events are useful for getting people interested in your brand and increasing repeat business Special guests Sale events Saturday events Evening events People are in a hurry - respect your visitors time in your shop...

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How to care for Wellington Boots

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What is rubber? First, let's learn a little about rubber - the main material in rubber rain boots. Rubber is a natural product obtained from the sap of rubber trees. These trees are grown all over the world and grow well in humid climates. Vast plantations of rubber trees are grown in South America and Asia and many people work in these plantations. The sap is extracted from the trees and processed to produce vulcanised rubber, which has been specially treated to ensure that it does not bio-degrade as fast as it would normally do.  Since rubber is natural and is not...

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What is Merchandising?

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What is merchandising? Merchandising is finding or creating supporting or related products to sell alongside your main product range. Merchandising helps sustain commercial activity related to the main product or products of mainly retail businesses. Cash flow is important for all businesses. Without merchandising, most businesses would quickly run out of capital. Who uses merchandising? Retailers most commonly use merchandise to support their brand.  Their brand is the main product and merchandise is all the products that support the brand. Most successful businesses use merchandising - even if they know don't know they do! Merchandising can be "service based" or...

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