Visual Merchandising Tips

Karen Henry Tips Visual merchandising

  • The more traffic you have the more sales you will generate, this applies to both web and high-street
    • Think of ways to increase traffic
    • For the web, create content that bloggers and social bookmarkers (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook...) will want to link to
    • For brick and mortar shops putting sales banners, flags, balloons and other attractive frontage (flowers etc) will draw people into the shop
    • Special events are useful for getting people interested in your brand and increasing repeat business
      • Special guests
      • Sale events
      • Saturday events
      • Evening events
  • People are in a hurry - respect your visitors time in your shop or on your website
    • Clear navigation for websites - top navigation, menu items, internal links are extremely important for increasing page views
    • Big font signs indicating categories is important for guiding people in the right direction once they are in your shop
  • Consistent Theme is important
    • Sell related items
    • Group items using price, shape, colour, brand, size, function
    • Create logical paths
    • Don't sell unrelated items
    • For special days (Christmas, etc...) add holiday symbols
    • The theme sets the mood of the shoppers
  • People will pay more for quality
    • High-Quality shop design - attention to detail is important
    • High-Quality after sales service
    • High-Quality products, labeling, signs, packaging, web design, images,...everything that shoppers will see
  • Appeal to the senses and help evoke good memories
    • For brick and mortar shop-keepers (use visual, taste, smell, touch)
    • For web use imagery to evoke memories of child hood or other pleasurable experiences (pictures of eating, family, friends, celebrations)
    • Use emotive images (children, pets, snow, autumn, beaches)
    • Use aspirational imagery (show how happy people will be after purchasing, show a smiling family, happy children, happy business people)
    • Help customers see how the product will be used - show pictures of a shoes on real feet
  • Lighting is essential
    • Put a spotlight on window items
    • Put spotlights in-store
    • For the web - the spotlight is the "F" - put items in the F-Shaped Pattern
  • Be creative
    • Create interesting displays
    • Don't leave displays up for long periods of time - customers will recognise that things haven't changed and won't be interested
    • Change displays frequently!
    • Throw away old signs
    • Don't draw signs in pencil have them professionally printed
    • Use colour as the basis for creative change
    • Use motion/animation
  • Observe whether your displays are noticed/viewed by visitors
    • See how customers react to different signage, mannequins, and displays
    • Do customers move quicker or slow down
    • Do they look at the surrounding stock/products

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