Designing a wooden coat stand

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This is a short list of materials to use for wooden coat stands.

Birch Coat Stands

Wooden coat stands are usually made of birch, beech, pine, or oak. Birch is a wood closely related to oak. Birchwood is fine-grained and pale in colour and very popular for making items of furniture.

Beech Coat Stands

Beech is European and North American tree. It is a strong wood ideal for making coat stands.

Pine Coat Stands

Pine is the most common furniture making material. It is readily available and an important material for making coat stands.

Walnut Valet Stands

Walnut is a deep brown elegant colour and well suited to the manufacture of gentleman's valet stands.  Walnut wood comes from a breed of trees known as Juglans.  Walnut trees are found in temperate climates from south-east Europe to Japan.  Walnut wood is much stronger than oak and slightly more expensive than oakWalnut is often used as a veneer on table tops due to its durability.

Rubber Wood Coat Stands

Rubber Wood is harvested from rubber trees that have become too old to produce enough latex to make into rubber. Rubberwood is a hardy wood and an excellent choice for children's furniture which needs to withstand many bumps and knocks.

Wooden or Wood Coating Coat Stands

Often when a furniture item is described as "wooden" or "wood coating" - this implies that the item is not actually made of wood, but is "wooden-like", usually plastic. Buyers should be aware of this important point.

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