Make your own Bracelet Charms by Julie-Ann Henry

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Do it yourself DIY Charm Bracelet


Why not save a few pennies by making a lovely charm bracelet for Mom, or just relax and explore your creative side.

You'll need: 

  1. A length of chain with medium to large links, a little longer than wrist size.
  2. A clasp for joining the bracelet ends (preferably same colour as the chain).
  3. Beads and charms in colours and designs of your choice.
  4. A small pair of jewellery pliers.
  5. Ringlets to attach charms to the chain (preferably in the same colour as the chain).
  6. Threaders for threading the beads (same colour as the ringlets).

These items can be found at your local craft shop or you could scrounge around and add your own creations - it's all about embracing your creative side and having some fun! 

  1. Start by ensuring the chain is big enough to go around your wrist but not so big that it will fall off easily.
  2. Once you are happy with the length, attach the clasp pieces to either end of the chain - you should now be able to fasten the clasp and have a basic bracelet.
  3. Unfasten the bracelet and lay it flat - we will now start planning our design.
  4. Lay charms and beads alongside the bracelet until you are happy with the colours and placing of each piece.
  5. Thread the beads onto the threaders and twist the end to form a loop.
  6. Now attach each piece to a link in the chain using the ringlets.
VOILA! Charm bracelet finished.

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