The Boot Kidz by Karen Henry, Bootkidz Ltd Reg.06581865, London, UK, Est. 2005,
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The Boot Kidz — Startup

Origin of The Boot Kidz

Karen Henry 2005 2006 Coat stands Design Origin Startup The Boot Kidz Wellies

Origin of The Boot Kidz

Origin of Boot Kidz design The Boot Kidz design originated from Karen Henry, a furniture designer based in London. After many hours of designing and debating the styles, models, and shapes of the metal it was decided to create a unique product with simple contours.  "People are naturally drawn to lines, colours, and edges. I am only bringing these ideas to reality." - Karen Henry, August London 2006 These perceptual needs were the core essence of the design of the Boot Kidz. Simple, yet complex at the same time.   Experimenting The design process is difficult. Bending steel and experimenting with hundreds of...

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