Origin of The Boot Kidz

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Origin of Boot Kidz design

The Boot Kidz design originated from Karen Henry, a furniture designer based in London. After many hours of designing and debating the styles, models, and shapes of the metal it was decided to create a unique product with simple contours. 

"People are naturally drawn to lines, colours, and edges. I am only bringing these ideas to reality." - Karen Henry, August London 2006 

These perceptual needs were the core essence of the design of the Boot Kidz. Simple, yet complex at the same time.

Original design of Boot Kidz 2005 


The design process is difficult. Bending steel and experimenting with hundreds of different concrete formulae and studying the electro-painting technique. Concrete has texture - discovering the correct feel was an important aspect of the design. The wavy bends in the steel, the colours sprayed onto the metal frame - everything thought about in depth.

Why Wellington Boots?

Wellington Boots are funky and fashionable. Each Boot Kidz boot is moulded using real Wellington boots and cast using concrete mixed with coloured dye. The sealant is used to produce the glossy finish and protect the outer surface of the boots

cement wellington boots

Why a coat stand?

A coat stand has human attributes. Enhancing these attributes with fashion and creating something useful inspired me to create the Boot Kidz.


A talented artist, Karen Henry, has produced a unique product - fundamentally a coat stand - from a distance a study of visual perception, colour, form, and feel. The Boot Kidz were put on public display as part of the London Design Festival 2006, in partnership with Gap Kids Regent Street London.

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